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<mattb00ne> heyoooooeeee
<mattb00ne> question for the zmatt how can set the LD compare from a PRU program
<mattb00ne> need to drive the motors from the PRU, I am looking in the header files in the project but not sure how to find what I am looking for.
<zmatt> yeah my python code uses different names for registers since the official ones generally look like someone hit their keyboard with their fists
<zmatt> are you referring to eCAP or eHRPWM ? (and if eCAP, the one in pruss or a different one?)
<zmatt> assuming the peripheral is setup properly from python and you just want to change the pwm values, the simplest way is to just use some macros for the individual registers:
<mattb00ne> hmmm
<mattb00ne> ok
<mattb00ne> Pwmss( "/dev/uio/pwmss1" ).pwm that is the eHRPWM right
<mattb00ne> that is what I init and I control speed by changing the LD compare
<zmatt> I've included macros to query the configured period, though be aware that reading peripheral registers, especially outside pruss, is relatively slow so it may be more appropriate to hardcode the period (especially since being flexible about it would probably require division, which you really want to avoid on pru)
<zmatt> that's epwm1 yes (or ehrpwm1, though the "hr" part is never actually used and currently not supported by py-uio)
<zmatt> with these macros you can simply assign a value to EPWM1A or EPWM1B
<mattb00ne> great that is what I am looking for
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<johanhenselmans> Hello, I am trying to set P9.21 to GPIO and enable the pin. So I did “config-pin P9.21 gpio”. According to docs, that should be gpio3. But if I look in /sys/class/gpio, there is no gpio3. (Linux 5.10.65-ti-r24). zmatt’s bbb-pin-utils show-pins shows “P9.21 / spi boot in 85 fast rx 7 gpio 0.03 ocp/P9_21_pinmux (pinmux_P9_21_gpio_pin)”. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
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<zmatt> pins default to gpio, you don't need to config-pin them (and in fact avoid mode "gpio" unless you know what you're doing since it (annoyingly) means "gpio with internal pull-up/down disabled")
<zmatt> you're running a kernel which is not yet officially supported, my guess would be the gpio-of-helper driver (which is what's normally responsible for exporting gpios to sysfs based on DT configuration) hasn't been forward-ported yet
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<rcn-ee> zmatt, weird, r24 has all the gun gpio stuff forward ported...
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<zmatt> ok maybe my guess is wrong then
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<zmatt> not enough info and he left so *shrug*
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<mattb00ne> zmatt: I am doing something wrong here my python: and my c code
<mattb00ne> confirmed wiring is good
<mattb00ne> and if I manually spin the encoder is working so it is not hardware related but the motor is not spinning with my use of those macros
<zmatt> your period is round(100e6 / 1 / 10000), which is 10000, not 100
<zmatt> (you calculate the period at line 39 of the python script)
<zmatt> also the period is unsigned 16-bit (uint16_t), not signed 32-bit (int32_t)
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<zmatt> does assigning an int32_t to EPWM1A, which is an uint16_t, not produce a compiler warning? it should
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<mattb00ne> no error
<mattb00ne> let me fix that that period calculation
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<mattb00ne> lol zjason
<mattb00ne> side note going through a switch should let me have internet access and ssh to the beaglebone right? currently I can only do one or the other.
<mattb00ne> brb
<zmatt> I mean, accessing both is a simple matter of being connected to both
<zmatt> and yeah weird, clpru seems to issue no error or warning for narrowing integer conversions, not even with "non-serious warnings" enabled (--issue_remarks)
<zmatt> annoying
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<mattb00ne> that worked
<mattb00ne> that worked
<mattb00ne> scared myself silly
<mattb00ne> period is full blast
<mattb00ne> lol
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<GenTooMan> has TI changed it's PRU support with new processors?
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<zmatt> GenTooMan: what do you mean?
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