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<set_> @zmatt: What else is handled at 1.8v on the BBB (am335x)?
<set_> Is there other circuitry that baffles youngin' types like me on the BBB that the ldo3 is dispersing 1.8v to/from?
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<set_> So...the BBBlue. Forget about ldo3 for now. Do not fret. I will read it if necessary. So, I chatted w/ someone who has quickly become my bff.
<set_> He/she says this...BBBlue can fly! So, I am at it again.
<set_> I am closer than close. And...if I can produce a nice package, I may try to sell one to a local like me.
<set_> For instance, is there any reprimanding on selling a kit of BBBlue and flying apparatuses?
<set_> You get the word out and try to local yocal myself into fun, fun, fun!
<set_> I know I cannot use the logo w/out consent. I read that much.
<set_> Then, there was a catch in building hardware around the boards. Like a "you cannot w/out" or a "you must do this b/c of that".
<set_> No affiliation here but can I use a board w/ the logo on it or do I have to take the logo off the board?
<set_> dang it.
<set_> Boris is on the silkscreen!
<set_> Argh.
<set_> Whelp, there goes my shots and chances at whatever I was describing from above.
<set_> Okay. So say this. I am new. Right, I get this. But...if someone was to ask me, "How does this board work?" What would be my options for telling them?
<rcn-ee_> set_, did you "build" the BeagleBone Blue with your own pcb and machines?
<set_> The reason I am asking is b/c at the last *&%^ Faire in our community of meanies, I was approached by someone who wanted to view the board and then proceeded to ask, "How does it work?" All I said was, "Do you have a long time to listen?"
<set_> No sir.
<rcn-ee_> set_, then the "logo" requirement doesn't apply... As you "purchased" the Blue from someone that already paied..
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Nice!
<rcn-ee_> if you start making BBBlue clones, and showing the logo, that's when the problems come out..
<set_> Aw.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> No cloning here for now. Not w/out consent...right. Got it.
<set_> Do you guys have a tracking script for people who might want to abuse their rights?
<set_> I think it is called or was called scraping.
<set_> So, Capes per se are not illegal but not affiliated w/ the .org unless granted permissions.
<set_> Right?
<set_> ANyway...okay. Not trying to ruffle here but that is all for now, i.e. assuming here you are done replying. Thank you.
<set_> Like kits for instance...does anyone remember the models growing up. They were flimsy-w/-firmness for crash resistance. And of course, the BBBlue would go into a volcano proof enclosure.
<set_> Balsa wood or something like that for young, old, mediocre aged persons and some silly build instructions. Anyway, I have been trying to push this out for years just do not be bored w/ life. It is your product that can do it and some extra machinery to produce specified builds. Same ole, same ole.
<set_> But nice!
<set_> Cheap and resilient!
<set_> Okay...just a heads up.
<set_> Send rations on a logo! Death Addr?
<set_> W/ like a snake of flight!
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<trinath> hi
<trinath> Where can i find pcie endpoint drivers for beagle bone x15
<zmatt> those aren't separate, they're part of linux
<zmatt> trinath: I know absolutely nothing about pcie on the am572x, but by googling for 1 minute (which you could have done yourself) I learned that pcie endpoint support needs to be configured in the kernel config
<trinath> Ofcourse, configuration is required but before that, driver files should be there
<zmatt> they're not separate driver files, they're the existing driver configured into a different mode
<trinath> I believe generic end point drivers will wor
<trinath> work*
<zmatt> unless you're talking about the endpoint function driver, which aren't hardware-specific
<trinath> Ok
<zmatt> it looks like to implement useful functionality you need to write a custom driver anyway
<zmatt> (or use a PCI Test Function driver, but as the name suggests it is intended just for testing purposes)
<trinath> Beagle bone x15 has 2 pcie lanes..i dont know anything about the board. I have ls1043ardb evaluation board which acts as a Root complex and i just need pcie endpoint mode support board for testing my application
<zmatt> you'll also need some custom hardware to even be able to connect it physically since pcie is on the expansion headers of the bbx15
<trinath> I just want to test my application...I have no interest in the writing drivers for pcie endpoint..
<trinath> Yes...pcie is on expansion headers, i was also searching for mating connectors
<zmatt> I have no idea how to interpret that, I'm simply stating how pci endpoint mode appears to be implemented in linux (in general, nothing specific to the bbx15)
<trinath> Ok
<trinath> where can i find beagle bone custom images
<zmatt> the bbx15 is beagleboard-x15 btw, not beaglebone-x15
<zmatt> "beaglebone" refers to the small form-factor devices
<trinath> Ok
<zmatt> you may also consider trying TI's Processor SDK for Linux instead of a image, they seem to have official support for it and also have a guide
<trinath> We've tried sitara processor
<zmatt> (it is not supported here however but on TI's forum: )
<trinath> but it is bit costly compared to beagle bone
<zmatt> "sitara" is a marketing brand for TI's ARM-based SoCs in general
<trinath> yes
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<trinath> In the lastest images link u shared, i can find only debian images
<zmatt> both the AM335x SoC used on the beaglebone as well as the AM572x SoC used on the bbx15 are "sitara"
<zmatt> correct, debian is the only distro officially supported by
<trinath> but in software compatibility, i can see ubuntu also
<zmatt> ughh, why is stuff like that there
<zmatt> like, sure, you _can_ run any linux distro in theory
<trinath> But i can't find any ubuntu images
<trinath> i mean custom images
<zmatt> but almost nobody uses Ubuntu on beagleboard devices, there are no officially supported images
<trinath> Ok
<zmatt> jkridner: maybe drop "Ubuntu" from the Software Compatibility list on since there are no official ubuntu images
<trinath> hmm
<zmatt> trinath: Ubuntu is based on Debian anyway, they're largely the same for most purposes, certainly as far as embedded systems are concerned
<zmatt> Ubuntu packages typically work on Debian and vice versa
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<trinath> i come across this link online
<trinath> please check and let me know it is helpful or not
<zmatt> no idea, I've never used yocto. if you want to use yocto you should probably consider using TI's Processor SDK for Linux which is officially supported by them
<zmatt> (the beagleboard-x15 is virtually identical to the baseboard of the AM572x EVM (TMDSEVM572X) )
<zmatt> hmm, that looks like the wrong one, hold on
<zmatt> no it's the right one, the processor module of that
<zmatt> this quick start guide shows the full EVM: you'll immediately recognize its Processor Board as being the beagleboard-x15 (or very minor revision thereof)
<zmatt> so the am57x psdk should work fine on the bbx15
<zmatt> if you want to use yocto
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<trinath> Ok..
<trinath> Thanks a lot zmatt..
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<set_> GenTooMan: When you have time, will you please provide the dimensions of the BBBlue drillholes for connecting to bosses of an enclosure?
<set_> Polygon?
<set_> In the meantime, I am installing kicad. I will try one of the files on hand in the repo.
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<set_> I measured already but I need to make sure things are exact. exact.
<set_> Okay. Things are measuing up w/ your BBBlue build on the Eagle source and my measurements. Nice!
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