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<Guest5940> hi
<Guest5940> someone knows how to flash firmware on BeagleBone Black?
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<Guest5957> it is possible to reflash BIOS on BeagleBone Black?
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<Guest5960> why do I get disconnected?
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<zmatt> hmm, does the web chat client not auto-reconnect?
<zmatt> after a ping timeout
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<GenTooMan> it's probably as "simple" as possible so probably not
<GenTooMan> zmatt remember a web "programmer" wrote the code which means "GOK" what they did and did not do.
<zmatt> it's kiwiirc, the main developer of which is Darren Whitlen (prawnsalad) who has worked on lots of irc-related projects for many years including the ircv3 specification
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<zmatt> (it's also definitely not a very simple client)
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<vd> zmatt hi -- The screen is working! I compared the old working dts and mine was missing &epwmss1 { status = "okay"; }; !
<zmatt> ah yeah whenever you enable an ehrpwm, ecap, or eqep module, you also need to ensure the parent epwmss is enabled
<zmatt> not sure why really
<zmatt> they could just have been left enabled by default, I'm pretty sure the kernel would automatically suspend them if none of the three child devices are enabled
<vd> ok good to know
<vd> so the device tree works both with the tilcdc,panel driver with timings and no port nodes, OR with the okaya compatible (panel-simple) but requires the port nodes in the lcdc and panel
<vd> also all power-supply are not necessary in the end. I choose to use the okaya compatible and remove the dummy supply.
<vd> I prefer not to specify my own panel-info / display-timings if an existing driver works fine)
<vd> the power-supply documented as required but in fact isn't is a mystery.
<vd> My very last step now will the the touchscreen on spi1 and/or trying to run a web browser as a PoC (a light fb ideally)
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<zmatt> well, it's giving a warning on the missing power-supply property right?
<vd> well I don't see it anymore
<vd> can it be because of pwmss1?
<zmatt> no?
<vd> ho no it's there for the pwm-backlight and panel-simple: "supply power not found, using dummy regulator"
<vd> does SPI has bus discovery?
<zmatt> no
<vd> with evtest I have an Atmel input for the screen and touching it generates lots of input
<vd> I only enabled the SPI1 pinmux
<zmatt> if you didn't declare an spi device then whatever is generating those events is not an usb device
<zmatt> *an spi device
<vd> but that's definitely the touchscreen
<vd> can it be because of the panel-simple driver?
<zmatt> no
<zmatt> is it not an usb device/
<zmatt> or instead of guessing you can also just check
<zmatt> e.g. in sysfs, or using udevadm
<zmatt> ls -l /sys/class/input
<vd> I'm not guessing, I just run evtest and touched the screen and a lot of inputs are generated
<vd> event1 is ../../devices/platform/ocp/47400000.usb/47401c00.usb/musb-hdrc.1/usb1/1-1/1-1.4/1-1.4.1/1-1.4.1:1.1/0003:03EB:215D.0002/input/input2/event1
<zmatt> guessing about how the device is connected I mean
<zmatt> voila, it's an usb device
<zmatt> not spi
<vd> I get that, maybe I was unclear but what I was trying to say it that I'm confused that touching the screen generates events on this event1 input
<zmatt> why are you confused about that?
<vd> i donno, i thought the touchscreen was a SPI device which I did not even declare yet, so what are these events?
<zmatt> well, it's clearly not an SPI device but a usb device
<zmatt> hence it got auto-discovered
<vd> I'm even more confused then. On the schematics I have a ad7843 device using the pins MCASP0_*, the AIN* (and GPMC_AD10 for LCD_PEN_INT# aka PENIRQ#). I've pinmuxed the MCASP0_* pins as SPI1 mode, that's all I've done so far
<zmatt> an external digitizer for a 4-wire touchscreen is kinda weird in itself since 4-wire touchscreens can be connected directly to the BBB
<zmatt> regardless, it sounds like you have some investigating to do regarding how to reconcile what the schematic says with the appearance of a usb touchscreen device
<vd> would that help if I try to recompile the dts without the spi1 pinmux to see what happens?
<zmatt> no
<vd> or with &spi1 disabled
<zmatt> spi has nothing to do with usb
<zmatt> and enabling an spi bus (with or without pinmux) does absolutely nothing until you also declare one or more spi devices on that bus
<vd> ha
<zmatt> if your schematic doesn't show a usb-connected touchscreen controller, then your schematic doesn't match your hardware (which will make your job a fair bit more... interesting)
<vd> that is totally likely that they cannot get the spi touchscreen to work so went with an usb one on top
<vd> if that's the case, it wouldn't hurt to declare the spi touchscreen as the schematics described anyway I suppose
<zmatt> it probably would
<vd> it would hurt?
<zmatt> either the spi touchscreen controller is omitted, which would confuse the driver, or it's present but not connected to the touchscreen, which means you'd get bogus data
<vd> in that case I can declare it but set status = "disabled".
<zmatt> you could but that would be pointless
<vd> the thing is that the spi device is certainly there, even unused. Can an USB device be disabled via device tree?
<zmatt> I mean, it seems implausible that they'd literally add one touchscreen on top of another... it seems more likely they connected the touchscreen to a usb touchscreen controller instead of the spi touchscreen controller
<zmatt> check the hardware I guess
<vd> I will
<vd> how do I get the name of the product?
<vd> I can only find the product and vendor ID
<zmatt> I mean, that's enough to look the thing up online, but you can also try using lsusb
<vd> wtf, the board rebooted itself
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<vd> zmatt: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 03eb:215d Atmel Corp.
<zmatt> huh, 03eb is indeed Atmel, but 03eb:215d is not in the usb.ids list and has zero google hits
<zmatt> custom?
* vd asks around
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<vd> zmatt I finally got the answer, new iteration of the hardware (which I obviously don't have the schematics for) use an atmel usb touchscreen...
<vd> SPI touchscreen will need to be supported too, and I don't know if the LCD_PEN_INT# irq line is used with the usb or not
<vd> I hope a single devicetree could support both spi and usb touchscreen? (I have to confirm first if the usb one *replaces* the spi one or if the spi one is there but just unused)
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