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<SymbioticFemale> what does it mean when serial output is just "CCCCCCCCCCC" repeating?
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<Arijit> Hi there!
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<zmatt> SymbioticFemale: bootrom is attempting to perform xmodem boot over the uart
<zmatt> SymbioticFemale: this means it was not able to load the next stage (typ u-boot SPL) from eMMC or μSD
<zmatt> (the default boot device list for bootrom is { eMMC, μSD, uart-xmodem, usb-rndis } on the BBB, or { spi-flash, μSD, usb-rndis, uart-xmodem } if the S2 button was held down at the moment of power-on
<zmatt> )
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<SymbioticFemale> weird that my microSD card wasn't being read because i flashed two different images on it during testing
<SymbioticFemale> no idea what is on my eMMC because it has been malfunctioning for over a year. some corrupt image is on there, for sure.
<zmatt> well dunno about "corrupt", bootrom performs no significant validation on the MLO it loads
<zmatt> it's more likely it can't find it at all
<SymbioticFemale> it should be finding my microSD image though after ignoring the emmc
<SymbioticFemale> but its not
<zmatt> yep, so the logical conclusion is that your microSD image is not bootable
<zmatt> not considered to be bootable by bootrom
<SymbioticFemale> shouldn't there at least be a message from uboot at boot?
<zmatt> bootrom != u-boot
<zmatt> u-boot is the thing loaded by bootrom
<SymbioticFemale> oh i see
<zmatt> there's a short description of how bootrom finds the MLO here:
<zmatt> (MLO is a raw binary prepended with an 8-byte header indicating the load address and the length, execution starts in ARM-mode at the start of the binary)
<SymbioticFemale> the images i tried flashing were the latest bone-* image from and the latest (but old) console image from
<zmatt> how are you flashing it?
<SymbioticFemale> dd
<zmatt> after unxz'ing it?
<SymbioticFemale> unxz, then dd
<SymbioticFemale> of course
<zmatt> to the whole card, not a subpartition? :P
<SymbioticFemale> correct
<zmatt> that's curious indeed, that would suggest either a problem with the SD card itself or with the SD card slot of the BBB
<SymbioticFemale> i tried at least the console image on usb too. no change.
<zmatt> "on usb" ?
<SymbioticFemale> flashing to usb drive
<zmatt> bbb can't boot from an usb drive
<SymbioticFemale> :/ alright so i should find myself a different microsd
<SymbioticFemale> i'll give that a try. thanks zmatt.
<zmatt> maybe try flashing with Balena Etcher, which will also verify the sd card contents after writing it
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<SymbioticFemale> changing flash cards worked
<SymbioticFemale> yay
<SymbioticFemale> i thought my BBB was borked
<zmatt> people sometimes confuse sd cards for being reliable media ;)
<SymbioticFemale> it lasted longer than my eMMC
<zmatt> what did you do to your poor eMMC to murder it?
<SymbioticFemale> unsure but its possible to write to it a little bit then it gets i/o error and everything falls apart
<zmatt> sounds like wear-out
<zmatt> we once introduced a "little" bug in one of our software components that accidently caused it to write about 16 GB/hr constantly
<zmatt> fortunately we discovered this before it was deployed widely
<SymbioticFemale> i think i've mostly ever used freebsd/openbsd images, and not extensively. this beaglebone is at least 6-7 years old though. most of that time in storage.
<zmatt> anyway, this is also why it's important to verify sd card contents after writing it... that would have imediately revealed it was bad. this is also important since sd card wear-out may not be immediately obvious, it can also just result in corrupting random chunks of data, causing mysterious problems when you try to use that system
<zmatt> long-term storage (especially at elevated temperatures) may degrade the *contents* of flash memory but afaik not the memory itself, that happens due to erase/write cycles
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<vd> zmatt: from the bootloader level, do you need to access the RTC after clearing the PMIC OFF bit to trigger a power cycle? Or can you access a gpio or something directly instead of programming the ALARMs?
<zmatt> you need to access the rtc, which has exclusive control over a dedicated power-enable signal to the pmic
<zmatt> both the power-off and the subsequent power-on are triggered by alarms
<zmatt> for safety I'd recommend scheduling the power-on in the rtc *before* setting the OFF bit in the pmic
<vd> ok thank you, that is very clear
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<vd> zmatt this is the simplest (linux userspace) fix you can do with your recommendations:
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<zmatt> vd: one concern with that is that you can't be sure a clean shutdown takes only 10 seconds. might be better to use "poweroff --force" or even "poweroff --force --force"
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