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<Guest37100> my beagle bone green is having issues
<Guest37100> the blue power light stays on but its not functioning
<Guest37100> can anyone here help me
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<Guest33> can someone help me
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<GenTooMan> well they didn't stick around ...
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<zmatt> "not functioning" is also very descriptive
<GenTooMan> you do have a fair point on that as well.
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* set_ GenTooMan breathes!
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<set_> I am back to colors on here. No more b & w. Nice!
<set_> Oh and rcn-ee_: The new image for the BBAI w/ ' sudo beaglecfg ` works just fine!
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<Guest15> @zmatt if you have a moment could you take a look at an strace. It was too big for pastbin so I threw it on filebin:
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<Guest85> Why is the BBB Wireless price almost double what it was a year ago?
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<set_> BBBlue! Aw!
<set_> Sorry. I take that back.
<set_> It is the multitudes of source being counter intuitive for now. Flying...blah. I need a real hobby. Like playing hookie. Ha.
<zmatt> Guest15: QT_QPA_EGLFS_INTEGRATION=egl_kms that's not a valid name, it's eglfs_kms
<zmatt> not sure why you sent an strace log if you got it working
<zmatt> interesting, so qt5 seems to think the currently configured mode is acceptable for its configuration, but then the pageflip somehow fails. so something about the mode must be not quite right for what qt5 is doing, though I'm not sure what that could be
<set_> Okay...things are building slowly. So, the materials in my bom are being gotten and soon. Also, arducopter is whooping my tailwinds. Just a heads up here.
<set_> Oh!
<set_> Is anyone using the BBAI w/ the PVR SDK from imgtec on the newer-testing images w/ bullseye?
<set_> I know a lot of the issues pertaining to the compilation of the SDK had to do w/ Python not being v3.9.x.
<set_> and! W/ bullseye, python3.9 is a given! yea boy!
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<set_> bbl!
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<Guest15> @zmatt From what I saw in the strace, Qt picks the wrong renderer. It chooses renderD129 instead of renderD128. I'll check again fixing that typo, thanks for catching that.
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<zmatt> 129 seems correct to me
<zmatt> for the gpu
<zmatt> yeah it looks like the sgx library scans for the correct gpu render device by iterating over them and checking the driver of each (using DRM_IOCTL_VERSION)
<Guest15> what is platform-omapdrm.0-render -> ../renderD128 then? I was under the impression it belonged to the right card.
<zmatt> omapdrm is the display controller
<zmatt> I don't know if there's any use for its render device, I think every drm device gets both a primary device (card*) and a render device regardless of whether it is useful
<Guest15> setting export QT_QPA_EGLFS_INTEGRATION=eglfs_kms properly still doesn't make Qt work without supplying QT_QPA_EGLFS_KMS_CONFIG.
<zmatt> no I was just saying it to make the warning about inability to load eglfs_kms go away
<zmatt> presumably it loads it anyway as a default fallback?
<zmatt> inability to load egl_kms I mean, since it doesn't exist
<Guest15> Ah, but why do I need to specify QT_QPA_EGLFS_KMS_CONFIG to get everything working?
<zmatt> dunno, presumably something is going wrong with qt5's autodetection/autoconfiguration logic
<zmatt> which is also shown by the need to force modesetting
<Guest15> Right, but with the 1.14 drivers, there's no issue.
<zmatt> figuring out why would require investigating qt5's logic and how this interacts with the drivers and the kernel
<zmatt> since it's definitely odd
<zmatt> like, the configuration you showed in that .cfg file is all stuff that's related to the display controller (omapdrm), not the pgu
<zmatt> *gpu
<zmatt> so I don't know why the gpu driver version would be of any relevance whatsoever
<Guest15> Okay you said "sgx library scans for the correct gpu render", would it be worthwhile testing the other 1.17 branches?
<zmatt> I very much doubt it would have any impact. there's a slightly newer branch, ti-img-sgx/thud/1.17.494857, which appears to be a typo for ti-img-sgx/thud/1.17.4948957, but the only difference between them is commit bcca77e fix texture corruption
<zmatt> the only branch that's newer than that is ti-img-sgx/dunfell/1.17.4948957 (aka 1.17.4948957-next), which requires glibc 2.29
<zmatt> graph of most recent commits in 1.17 branches (down to ti-img-sgx/thud/1.17.4948957), ordered by commit date:
<zmatt> so there's two major branches right now: the thud branch (glibc 2.28) and the zeus/dunfell branch (glibc 2.29), there's a major update between thud and zeus (completely new build), while between zeus and dunfell there's just a tiny header-file change, and parallel to this the thud branch also received this "fix texture corruption" commit but the result was pushed to the erroneously named ...
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<zmatt> ...ti-img-sgx/thud/1.17.494857 instead of ti-img-sgx/thud/1.17.4948957
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<set_> How is it I updated everything earlier and now nothing updates on the BBAI w/ Linux BeagleBone 5.10.59-ti-r22 && Debian Bullseye IoT Image 2021-10-02 ?
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<set_> I know you all are busy.
<set_> If someone could point me to a special place, that would be nice if time provides.
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<set_> is my error exactly.
<set_> I know it is a wip, i.e. no issue.
<zmatt> that looks like the bbai has no internet access
<set_> Hmm. I just updated like today. Earlier today.
<zmatt> then maybe it's just a temporary error, like it said :P
<set_> Maybe I need to configure Ethernet?
<set_> Ha.
<set_> Maybe.
<zmatt> I can currently resolve without any problem
<set_> Hmm.
<set_> Okay.
<set_> Now. It works!
<set_> ' mr. impatient over here! '
<set_> I guess I have been unloading some installs too rapidly for the AI for now.
<set_> slow 'mo...
<set_> That sucker is fast, bro.
<set_> Man.
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<set_> Finally!
<set_> opencv4.5.x is up and runnin' w/ ease. I have been working on making this work since the last time it worked.
<set_> It has been so long, I cannot remember...minds. Sheesh.
<set_> Now, time to hook up a fancy cam. One w/ LEDs and other things.
<set_> yes!
<set_> The only issue is that the USB cam takes so much cpu effort. It is too costly for a USB cam.
<set_> I mean...usb cams are a dime a dozen. The BBAI chip is, well, almost unheard of...
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<set_> GenTooMan: I know you do not mess w/ webcams much but look at this footage. Wait...
<set_> Look here, , b/c you are number one!
<set_> It is manipulating photos and video and before my very eyes. Nice.
<set_> I can find squares! All jokes aside, I am ecstatic and really childlike now!
<set_> Psychadelic Gabor! Ha.
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<set_> There...I know the BBAI is not Desktop Ready. But here: . Some histogram after drawing on the video while recording live. Odd stuff...
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<set_> I got it all! The video, altering of photo(s), and saving of each of those two things. Neat-O!
<set_> Did anyone look at the Gabor(n)?
<set_> That is just the ARM, i.e. nothing but pure power. I wonder how to start investigating the EVE or DSP onboard. Is it possible to offload to those chips still?
<set_> Think of me in the land of ill refute. I am smart but w/out education. So, it will be trying...trying.
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<Guest29> Hello
<Guest29> anybody here has experience with enabling can bus with pocketbeagle?
<set_> So, when the EVE program cache states 32 KB, is that amount of installed memory I can use?
<set_> Guest29: Hello! I am slowly starting to jump into the deep end to quickly!
<set_> I might have to use TIDL, right?
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<set_> I am starting to learn more. So, my puny (not a server) 'puter may not be able to conduct a training. Blah.
<set_> Luckily, there are more training sites available.
<set_> MNIST for one.
<set_> It is not the PocketBeagle but it may provide some info. that is sort of current.
<set_> I have a CAN tranceiver over here if you want to get dirty!
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<set_> Sorry for being disgusting. Dirty could be something smarter like, "working," or "teaming up to conquer the world!"
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<Guest29> right now I don't have acess to pocket beagle or a transceiver, the place I would go to test currently has limitations for use of the installations due to covid-19
<set_> Oh.
<set_> Hmm.
<Guest29> so right now I am researching and collecting every information about can and pocketbeagle
<set_> That takes the fun out of it for me. Maybe someone can help you w/ notes.
<set_> Right. Okay.
<Guest29> it seems there is not much
<set_> Do you have access to a computer?
<Guest29> yep
<set_> W/ interwebs?
<set_> Try the site I listed. It may prove valuable.
<Guest29> ok
<Guest29> thanks
<set_> For starters and notes. Serious.
<set_> Every bit helps in the long run!
<set_> It is like a gatherer that never stopped moving to gather things. Sooner or later, that gatherer will build something 'nice.' Hopefully.
<set_> No mutant cyborgs yet but something in 8-bit Car logic!
<set_> I think...I may have been wrong. Let me double check that link.
<set_> Yep. That will help. So, the available pinout is here from what I gather:
<Guest29> I think I found something here, I was digging in beagleboard group google and seems like some people used a pocketbeagle as the processor for a device to tinker with cars
<Guest29> thanks again for the links
<set_> You can see the CAN interface.
<set_> No issue. I thought I caught someone who wanted to work w/ me. Sorry.
<set_> bbl!
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