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<JosefHolzmayrThe> yo dudX
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> Ch^W_: I'm no expert there, but shouldn't diffsigs help with that?
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<Guest44> hello guys, I need to use unzip inside a recipe, so I have added DEPENDS += "unzip-native" but I'm facing to | unzip: not found | I have take a look inside core/meta/conf/bitbake.conf and I didn't find unzip :( any idea ?
<qschulz> Ch^W_: yes, that's one thing that isn't supported actually AFAIR
<qschulz> only the filename is used in the hashmap, not the path
<JosefHolzmayrThe> qschulz: thats what I think too, but if the subdir is evalutated to a different value, shouldn't that change the hash of SRC_URI?
<qschulz> I seem to recall you're not supposed to use absolute paths in subdir
<qschulz> and ${S} is one
<qschulz> but otherwise yeah, I don't know
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<qschulz> bitbake dumpsig should help identify what is watched
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<qschulz> Guest44: this looks correct to me. Check in your recipe's sysroot-native that you have unzip binary there and that it's compiled for the arhitecture of your build machine (likely x64_64 I assume?)
<Guest44> qschulz thx for support, i don't have this recipe (only and yes it's on a basic 20.04 Ubuntu build machine
<Guest44> more info, calling bitbake unzup-native doesn't show any error
<qschulz> Guest44: you added DEPENDS += unzip-native to a recipe right?
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<Guest44> @qs
<Guest44> oops
<Guest44> qschulz yes and I have simply added do_unzip method ( addtask unzip before do_install after do_fetch) method is called but unzip not found
<RP> Hmm, first failed "perf" build on the AB in over 300 builds
<qschulz> Guest44: after do_fetch is incorrect
<Guest44> qschulz Ha ? there is some rules to know about that ?
<qschulz> it should be after do_prepare_recipe_sysroot
<qschulz> Guest44: the sysroot is populated by this task
<qschulz> so it is possible (and likely?) that your do_unzip task is run before do_prepare_recipe_sysroot which means unzip-native is not avaiulable to the recipe yet
<RP> 635 builds and 5 months ago was the last failure
<qschulz> why do you need unzip ?
<Guest44> qschulz ok so first thx for the link, sec that works now :) :)
<Guest44> I'm using unzip to extarct Xilinx file
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<qschulz> Guest44: that should be done automatically by Bitbake
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<Guest44> qschulz I had some issue because the file extension is not "standard" for tools (.xsa vs tar/gz ...)
<qschulz> Guest44: how do you get your zipped file? through http SRC_URI?
<Guest44> qschulz yes the file come from a basic ssh access on a local bitbucket repo
<qschulz> ssh fetcher then, not http
<qschulz> because you could use ; for your zipped file if you fetched it with the http fetcher
<qschulz> otherwise, I assume you could just do a rename of the file in a do_fetch_append
<qschulz> to have a .zip extension so do_unpack knows it should unpack it
<Guest44> qschulz that's a really good advice, i will try to follow this wy :)
<qschulz> do_fetch is likely a python task, so you'll have to write the _append in python too
<qschulz> or use do_fetch[postfunc] IIRC
<wCPO> Shouldn't pseudo catch the getuid syscall? I'm having some trouble with a Go program (skopeo) where the syscall is returning the current user and not UID 0 when building.
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<rburton> wCPO: pseudo is a LD_PRELOAD that intercepts glibc calls. Go code typically hits the syscall interface directly, so you can't intercept it
<rburton> build any go code you run at build time to use the libc, instead of hitting the syscalls directly
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<Ch^W_> qschulz: Thanks. That definitely makes it even harder than I thought to include source code in the same repository as recipes.
<wCPO> rburton: make sense. Are you referring to CGO_ENABLED=1? because skopeo is already built with that
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<qschulz> Ch^W_: that is something that is not recommended :)
<qschulz> because you don't want to bind your software to a build system
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<Ch^W_> qschulz: Our software is exclusively used in our platform OS images, so we use bitbake recipes as a light wrapper around the usual make/cmake/ant/gradle/maven/etc. It generally works really well.
<qschulz> Ch^W_: and for now you build your OS images with Yocto, but you could change in the future or add support for another buildsystem depending on client requirements. Hence why it is usually not recommended to mix both
<Ch^W_> qschulz: That seems like a very poor reason to avoid a very simple check for a directory change in paths pointed to by file:// URLs.
<Ch^W_> What about situations where there is a ton of metadata in a recipe that is not amenable to the expected flat layout/
<Ch^W_> ?
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<RP> Ch^W_: I just saw your file:// fetcher issue. It does sound like a bug but it may be harder to fix than you think :(
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<wCPO> Can I get the real user id from a recipe? (ex: the user running bitbake)
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<rburton> it only pretends to be root inside pseudo tasks
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<qschulz> Ch^W_: I think you should be able to work around this by using externalsrc pointing to your sources in-tree
<qschulz> externalsrc uses git to detect changes
<qschulz> Ch^W_: no, I was not giving a reason for not checking directory changes. I was just saying, regardless of what you encountered, that mixing sources and build systems is a bad idea.
<RP> Ch^W_: also, which version of bitbake is that?
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* RP is sad the autobuilder didn't catch maximal eSDK build failures :(
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<Guest52> Hi everyone, i'm getting undefined reference to symbol 'ERR_reason_error_string@@OPENSSL_1_1_0' when compiling a package in a recipe. i'm using poky as a base for my image, which provides a recipe for openssl_1.1.1l . My best guess is that i need to provide a recipe with the exact version of openssl that the package uses. Is this right or is there a better alternative handling this issue?
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> RP: maximal esdk?
<RP> JosefHolzmayrThe: you can generate two versions, one with and one without the sstate built in
* RP just fast tracked a patch into master to try and stop the perf builds failing
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<JosefHolzmayrThe> ah ok
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<cperon> Hi, just a question I have generated an .uefiimg for x86 is there a quick way to generate an USB installer, (for the moment I boot on a LiveUSB and dd the img)? I look at the WIC format but it's intendend to install the EXT4 rootfs no a full Uefiimg or maybe I'm wrong...
<mcfrisk> trying to send a patch to using git send-email and response from server is "[] said: 500 Invalid request 1-0-1". What's that about? Overriding --from to match commit author no longer allowed or what?
<landgraf> mcfrisk:
<landgraf> mcfrisk: been there yesterday :(
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<rburton> its been @lists. for quite a while now :)
<landgraf> rburton: few places still points to @y.o (psplash's README for example)
<mcfrisk> meta-selinux needs an update to MAINTAINERS
<rburton> landgraf: psplash fixed. anywhere else you know of?
<rburton> mcfrisk: says lists. guessing you mean a stable branch?
<JPEW> RP: Sorry I didn't get around to that simple hashequiv test fix; does your patch appear to correct it?
<rburton> i'd feel bad about drive-by committing to active layers, so sent a patch for that?
<landgraf> rburton: Google """" gives quite a few of such cases
<RP> JPEW: the .db-wal one?
<RP> JPEW: There are two patches, one fixing three cases in oeqa and another in bitbake. I'm hopeful it should but don't know for sure
<RP> JPEW: we hit a few more of them so I though I'd just try and fix it! :)
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<mcfrisk> rburton: yep, meta-selinux list address update submitted to dunfell branch
<manuel1985> Can anyone tell me what "object" is referring to in this chapter?
<manuel1985> What are the objects that go from the SDK machine to the Yocto project machine? And how do they go there?
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<RP> JPEW, rburton: I can't decide if this fix is inspired or should have me sectioned :
<RP> Ch^W_: you might be interested in that
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<JPEW> RP: Hmm, so the idea is to add a /./ to the path which doesn't affect path resolution, but gives the taskhash code something to split on?
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<Ch^W_> RP: Wow, thanks! I will take a look at it.
<Ch^W_> RP: Currently using bitbake 1.50.0 from hardknott.
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<rburton> RP: that is pretty horrible
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<qschulz> can file-checksums have knowledge of the directory in which a task is run (do_func[dir] IIRC?)
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<qschulz> in which case, you know that relative paths are relative to the aforementioned dir and can derive the path you need to save in the taskhash?
<qschulz> I'm not sure where I'm going with this, I think it's a bit too late on a Friday for the brain :|
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<vd> how do I get the first element of a variable? FIRST = "${@d.getVar('FOO').split()[0]}" ?
<rburton> yes
<rburton> get the variable, split on whitespace, first element
<rburton> bitbake datastore is typically just strings. that's not true, but we'll ignore that.
<qschulz> getVar expands by default now right?
<rburton> yes
<rburton> "no"
<rburton> "now" even
<qschulz> hehehe
<rburton> that's been five years now?
<qschulz> a long time for sure :)
<vd> yes it does, only getVarFlags doesn't expand by default
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<rpcme> Hi all, I'm working on master for virtually everything, and switched machines with fresh clones (ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04), and I am getting a ton of basehash errors "The metadata is not deterministic and this needs to be fixed"... never seen this one before ... any ideas?
<rpcme> ps. I'm not cloning poky, I'm using openembedded-core and bitbake directly.
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<rpcme> Ok nevermind, it must have been some inconsistency between openembedded-core and bitbake. I made sure that the rev was the same on both systems and I'm not getting the error any longer.
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<qschulz> rpcme: bitbake and openembedded-core versions should be kept in sync
<vd> qschulz: how though? bitbake doesn't use release branches, but some fixed release tags.
<qschulz> should have said that there is a mapping between versions of both projects and that's what I meant by "kept in sync"
<kergoth> Hmm, that sysroot_stage_all hang we saw at mentor with dunfell only occurs with the cpio from the native sysroot, not the host cpio. interesting
<rpcme> qschulz: not sure how that's telling be which bitbake rev to take in conjunction with openembedded-core ... you must be saying "use the revs with the yocto release or proceed at your own peril" :D
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<vd> Since latest masters I get "usermod: prefix must be an absolute path" error from EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS = "usermod -P password root;" and indeed the manpage says that -P is for prefix and -p is for the password, but I don't get it, it used to work until now and even the documentation states -P...
<kergoth> rpcme: as long as you're using a matching bitbake release *branch* it'll be compatible, don't necessarily have to match the rev, and the link he gave shows the branch, so..
<vd> qschulz: kergoth: this link is missing a column for the openembedded-core branch, as well as the bitbake branch name for the honister row.
<kergoth> vd: honister is brand new, most likely just master. and the oe-core branch name *is* the yocto release name, i.e. dunfell
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<kergoth> you're right though, could certainly be clearer
<kergoth> not sure when that gets updated
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* vd currently uses 'master' for all layers as well as bitbake and openembedded-core, because it this new syntax thing and latest fixes.
<vd> what are the sources from this documentation:
<vd> the example needs to be fixed
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<rpcme> just fyi ... I have added perl-module-locale and perl-modules but got build break in perl and needed to manually add back in the dbm packageconfig. If this is known that's ok - the change to remove dbm probably happened about a month ago
<RP> qschulz: in summary, no, only the fetcher code knows what the correct prefix point is :/
<RP> JPEW: that was the idea, yes
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<drewfustini> hello, anyone have suggestion about how to disable perl in the git client build?
<drewfustini> I think I need to change this line:
<drewfustini> EXTRA_OECONF = "--with-perl=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/perl-native/perl \
<drewfustini> to remove '--with-perl' but I am not sure what the best way is to accomplish that
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<RP> drewfustini: are you trying to do that from a bbappend?
<RP> drewfustini: we'd likely take a patch to make perl a PACKAGECONFIG option
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<angolini> I've been using EXTRA_USERS_PARAMS use useradd -P and now I'm facing an error that -P is not a valid argument any more
<angolini> but I could not spot what has been changed. So I think I'm missing some piece
<angolini> I get this: useradd: unrecognized option '--clear-password'
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* paulg wonders what gio-module-cache is and how to kill it with fire.
<paulg> kinda sad when I can do git whatchanged on meta/classes/gio-module-cache.bbclass and still have NFI what it is/does.
* paulg does what he always does - deletes it and sees what breaks
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<jsbronder> Is there any effort to backport changes from bitbake master to 1.46 for compatibility with newer python versions? And if not, would patches to that effect be be welcome?
<jsbronder> I have bitbake-selftest passing on 3.10.
<vd> angolini: I literally wrote about this 2 hours ago ^^ I don't understand neither, you must use -p for the password instead of -P now...
<angolini> crazy! Thanks @vd
<angolini> but when I user -p, I cannot log in :(
<vd> angolini: Ha. That being said I just fix the compilation like this, but I didn't tested it...
<angolini> crying
<angolini> I understand the parsing for the arguments are one, and the adduser binary are another and they don't match. However, I don't get how the adduser bin got changed
<vd> me neither
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<drewfustini> RP: sorry was away, thanks for the question. I have not created a bbappend yet but I was thinking that would be the correct way?
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<abelloni> drewfustini: I guess you'd need to add something like:
<abelloni> PACKAGECONFIG[perl] = "--with-perl=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/perl-native/perl,--without-perl"
<moto-timo> and then remove the existing --with-perl line from the EXTRA_OECONF
<abelloni> I'm concernend about what is done in EXTRA_OEMAKE though
<moto-timo> in a bbappend, you might be able to get away with EXTRA_OECONF:remove = "--with-perl=${STAGING_BINDIR_NATIVE}/perl-native/perl"
<smurray> angolini vd: the -P option was being added by an OE-specific patch to shadow that was dropped when it was last upgraded. If you want to set a password you need to provide a hashed one with -p now AIUI
<smurray> hrm, there was mention on the ml of that maybe needing to go in the migration guide for 3.4, but it seems to not have made it
<moto-timo> abelloni: good point, the EXTRA_OEMAKE is going to still pull in perl
<moto-timo> (or just fail gloriously)
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<angolini> thanks @smurray
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<drewfustini> moto-timo: thanks, I will try EXTRA_OECONF:remove. BTW, the ":" is the new syntax right?
<moto-timo> angolini: this is what I use in my phosh image to set the "password" to 1234
<moto-timo> where the user is "phosh", so modify as needed for your use case
<angolini> great! THanks a lot @moto-timo! I will need this <3
<moto-timo> I've tried other ways to create the password hash, but this is the one that worked for me (mkpasswd -m sha512crypt)
<moto-timo> drewfustini: correct, that's the "new override" syntax, so replace with _ for older releases
<moto-timo> drewfustini: you might also have to EXTRA_OEMAKE:remove = "'PERL_PATH=/usr/bin/env perl'"
<moto-timo> no idea if it will blow up or not
<Tokamak> anyone ever had an issue where sstate isn't picking up changes to PACKAGECONFIG for a package (specifically iptables recipie)? Trying to enable the nftables hybrid interface by doing: PACKAGECONFIG_append_iptables = " libnftnl libnfnetlink". Those PACKAGECONFIG are propagating as seen by bitbake -e iptables. But what's puzzling is bitbake is not triggering a rebuild of iptables for my image with changes in PACKAGECOFNIG for my image.
<Tokamak> i haven't tried a manual clean - my next step. but wanted to ask how to debug/determine if sstate has a problem or not?
<vd> smurray: this definitely need to go in the 3.4 migration guide, as the error isn't obvious at all, especially when it worked for a long time.
<vd> moto-timo: thanks for the snippet. I guess EXTRA_USER and EXTRA_USER_PASSWORD_PLAIN would be a nice addition to the extrausers.bbclass to compute this automatically from the class itself.
<smurray> vd: can you file a bug in the Yocto bugzilla for that?
<vd> smurray: sure.
<smurray> vd: okay, thanks
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<moto-timo> DISTRO_FEAURES:remove = "x11" doesn't work without the T LOL
<moto-timo> TGIF
<moto-timo> Corollary: don't look for a complicated solution until you have ruled out typos
<vd> moo-imo did a ypo
<moto-timo> indeed
<moto-timo> also, put "bitbake-getvar" into your list of reasons to convince your boss or customers to move to a newer release...
<moto-timo> I should go create a sh**post twitter account named moo-imo
<moto-timo> too bad I'm not really a sh**poster
<moto-timo> troll yes
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<sakoman> moo-imo is a roll
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<moto-timo> \o/
<moto-timo> vd: sakoman: thank you for making Friday fun!
<moto-timo> 🍣 🍱
<vd> I understand sushi time?
<moto-timo> sushi roll!
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<vd> so PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/bootloader is a variable of the same name in fact, not PREFERRED_PROVIDER with a virtual/bootloader override...
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