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<JakeSays> J23: do you have anything in your bag of magic that would round the top edge of a tube?
<InPhase> bottom-left of the image
<JakeSays> InPhase: ah cool. thanks!
<InPhase> And if it's not exact, those are all intended as reference guide examples.
<JakeSays> InPhase: no prob
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<J23> peepsalot  so with your tricubic magic .. i made a nice place in scad https://imgur.com/a/ngEn8cK
<J23> JakeSays  you mean a torus?  yes i have Torus(dia=20,d=2); // d = thickness ,dia outside or use trx for center radius
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<guso78> "pull"  pulls apart any object at a certain plane with a certain distance vector.
<guso78> this can be used to alter existing stls in the internet to stretch for correct size, when scale is not an option.
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<kintel> guso78 On the topic of Windows, I don't know of any free hosted VMs you can RDP into, but Microsoft offers pre-installed VMs which you can run on your own machine using e.g. VirtualBox: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/virtual-machines/
<kintel> I haven't tested those in a long time though
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<lf94> J23 what's the render time on that
<lf94> J23: looks really good!
<guso78> kintel, thank you for your advice. i tested that before. but its very slow and 2nd  virtual box does not offer opengl support which is not acceptable to me.
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<J23> lf94 took  about a minute to calculate the preview  ( the render would probably take bit more as  each color (6) are polyhedron  - with lazy union this can be as fast but i didn't tried .. Thanks!
<J23> Geometry cache size in bytes: 179997488
<J23> Total rendering time: 0:01:02.362   Objects: 6
<J23> hmm low res animation looks bit like  mio years of tectonic shift  https://imgur.com/a/LOKnflz
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<kintel> guso78 Yeah, software GL is suboptimal, I ended up buying more hardware to deal with it :/
<kintel> I do believe some of the other VM products do GPU virtualization, but you may have to pay for the SW
<teepee> J23: very shaky ground
<J23> teepee seen the  full res image?
<teepee> not yet
<kintel> guso78 there is also Docker for Windows. I haven't looked into their GPU support
<J23> but 60frame animation would take 1hour to calc
<teepee> nice
<J23> just applied peepsalots math several times and for different colors .. and add some water
<J23> haha salmon in the river .. great Ü
<teepee> supposedly virtualbox can do 3d via guest additions https://www.virtualbox.org/manual/UserManual.html#guestadd-3d
<teepee> other option might be a separate graphics card with pci pass-through
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<guso78> it appears to me, that docker is not an option to get windows10 running in my linux
<teepee> virtualbox would be one of the options
<lf94> guso78[m]: guso78
<lf94> I heavily refactored my JS wrapper code to make this way easier
<lf94> I'm sooooooooooo happy now with the usability of this
<lf94> Translating GLSL or OpenSCAD will now be WAY easier
<lf94> I did this but my brain is too tiny to figure out how to translate this 2D simplex noise to a 3D terrain
<lf94> My head is having a hard time translating 2D plane -> 3D SDF space
<guso78> SDF(x,y,z) = f(x,y)-z
<guso78> you used to have f(x,y) => z
<guso78> but i dont understand your js code. my js knowledge is more procedural with functions, and statements ....
<guso78> teepee, i found the checkbox to enable the 3d support. the 3d  graph with the axes shows, but there are no rendered objects. i am happy with this right now.
<lf94> Why -z?
<lf94> Don't focus too much on what those functions are actually doing - they're all from iq
<lf94> Help me more with how the hell do I map 2D noise to 3D sdf space :p
<guso78> i understand that you just wont do display a terrain plot where each x and y coordinate maps to a z value
<guso78> if at point 5/3 altitude is 10 and sdf scans af 5/3/11 the function must return 1 because its 1 away from the surface.
<guso78> so it must calculate 11-10
<lf94> I suppose we have to clamp values also
<lf94> ok, yes, it's coming back to me
<lf94> :D
<lf94> thank you guso78
<guso78> believe you really did not get it and you are happy now ....
<guso78> still dont understand the content of the .js file. is it real javascript ?
<lf94> I didnt really get it?
<lf94> I think it's pretty clear what you said
<lf94> Yes, this is real js
<guso78> your functions start with const hash = (p) => { ...
<lf94> yes
<lf94> these are "fat arrow" functions
<guso78> i believe in js a function is like function e(a,b,c) { do_something(); }
<lf94> Added back in 2015
<guso78> needto  google that
<lf94> Yes, those are functions as well
<lf94> The main difference is function(..) {..} has its function scope
<lf94> i.e. "this" takes on a particular value
<lf94> () => {} takes on the parent scope
<guso78> fat arrow functions operate in parent scrope aha :)
<lf94> but sometimes function(...) {...} is still necessary for when you want to add things to the core prototypes, i.e. Array.prototype.thing = function(...) {...}
<lf94> or make classes / objects with prototype methods
<lf94> I think my step function or something is messed up
<lf94> Cant seem to get anything smooth
<guso78> cant find a step fat arrow function in your code.
<lf94> yeah, it's outside x)
<lf94> I also accidentally did -H^2 instead of 2^-H
<lf94> Hm
<lf94> I need to do distance of xyz to (noise(x,y),0) I think
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<lf94> I dont think -z is enough
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<guso78> -z is an approximation but not an exact result.
<guso78> to create an exact sdf function for each point you must not only look downwards but also to the side if side faces are closer
<guso78> this depends on the actual terrain function and might be very complicated
<guso78> generally libfive will work if your sdf function can return positive and negative values. but its very easy to make an error ...
<lf94> yeah. I think I need a 3D noise function.
<guso78> your noise functions need to be deterministic!
<guso78> teepee, i tried all sort of relative pathes here, but my dll fles dont arrive at the target computer.
<guso78> https://imgpile.com/i/hZy1Sr The Cut Halfspace separtes the base of the cylinder into two halves and  the pull region is actually a parabolic function.
<lf94> meanwhile: http://0x0.st/HPK9.png
<guso78> you wrapped it around a sphere :)
<guso78> not completely sure if its manifold :')
<lf94> it's definitely not lol
<lf94> I have no idea why it's not smooth
<lf94> Im trying to see 2D output but libfive_tree_save_slice only supports SVG and isnt showing me anything useful
<lf94> maybe I do need smoothstep()...
<guso78> did you try to change libfive reololution parameter ?
<guso78> resolution
<lf94> yeah
<lf94> I tried all that
<guso78> is your sdf funtion determinisitic ?
<guso78> it must *NOT* contain random() function
<guso78> lf94 do you perform your sdf using openscad AST tree ?
<lf94> arent all sdf deterministic
<guso78> (nope you use *.js)
<lf94> and yeah, I use libfive - js is just used to write libfive code ;p
<lf94> (basically what you're doing with python)
<guso78> sdf(x,y,z)  = rand()
<guso78> is not determinstic
<lf94> rand() is because it'll be the same seed
<lf94> no matter what
<guso78> if you want to achieve random effects you start with a sine wave and you continue overlaying this sine wave with sine waves with *weird* amplitudes, phase offsets and frequencies ...
<lf94> oh im using randomness from the sdf's iq recommends
<lf94> which is like, hash()
<guso78> if you use rand() with a *given* seed it needs to be *conclusive* (about distance) with your sdf function evaluated from any other point in space
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<lf94> Haha!
<lf94> I gott it
<lf94> The issue was I was not scaling the noise to [-1,1] or whatever
<lf94> render time is instant
<lf94> I'm having a hard time getting good looking peaks
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<J23> maybe increase resolution
<InPhase> J23: That landscape at https://imgur.com/a/ngEn8cK is excellent. :)
<InPhase> J23: "Island birth" entry for the calendar?
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<kintel> Does anyone have a good sense of gcc vs. clang resource usage? gcc with sanitizers seem to be memory hungry..
<teepee> for general compile, clang seems to be quite a bit better. I have no idea about sanitizer usage
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<lf94> did I miss anything, d/c;d
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