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<gbruno> [github] kintel pushed 1 modifications (Don't require accelerated context, better error handling) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/104f77b9922e9bafe358b02c902a9256e8538e3c
<gbruno> [github] kintel synchronize pull request #4582 (Add new, more capable, offscreen classes) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4582
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<kintel> Does anyone have any idea why, with --view=wireframe --render=cgal, I would get circular vertices rather than square?
<kintel> The only change I've made is how to request a GL context, and GL_POINT_SMOOTH is reported to be off.
<InPhase> kintel: Hard to say because I usually don't get vertices.
<kintel> haha, which is an equally interesting question :)
<kintel> Feels like _some_ uninitialized state
<InPhase> But, probably good that you're looking into it!
<kintel> I was hoping not having to look into it, as this feels like a very annoying rabbit hole to get stuck in
<InPhase> My working assumption was some sort of GL or driver differences. But that was a wild speculation.
<kintel> ..and I'm already many inception layers deep from wanting to experiment with modern OpenGL : /
<InPhase> I'm going to say this I guess... Our wireframe stuff, even when it works, seems to be ridiculously ugly and has no aesthetic worth preserving. So if you were to, say, just scrap it and make something that's simpler and achieves the basic objectives, I doubt you'd get any complaints.
<InPhase> Just throwing that out there as a possibility.
<kintel> heh, yeah, my approach of green refactoring may not be worth pursuing across the board..
<kintel> Out of curiosity, what's your graphics env like? (i.e. the interesting parts of openscad --info)
<InPhase> From release: https://bpa.st/AI5NU
<InPhase> Oh, and a bonus random Qt error got in there. :)
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<InPhase> kintel: And a very recent master build: https://bpa.st/KHL52
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<kintel> right, AMD, not something I can quickly replicate : /
<InPhase> Yeah. I can run tests, but I cannot independently confirm myself. :)
<kintel> Well, I can consistently flip between round and square points on the same hardware, renderer and GL version, depending on how I create a GL context. ..so I'm going to ignore this!
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<peepsalot> does manifold do minkowski?
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<peepsalot> oh, i think i see, we still rely on CGAL to do the convex decomposition part
<peepsalot> was confused for a second by an error saying that manifold failed, but the error came from CGAL source
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<peepsalot> hmm, i'm finding manifold to be disturbingly non deterministic
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<InPhase> peepsalot: Well it is threaded, which resulted in some non-deterministic errors early, which is understandable as a bug structure. But is there anything non-deterministic left about the correctly functioning results?
<InPhase> peepsalot: This would be problematic.
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<peepsalot> InPhase: I have a test script which does a lot of nested minkowski, it is intended to emulate offset in 3d. sometimes it succeeds, sometimes it fails on CGAL errors, sometimes it hangs seemingly indefinitely, sometimes memory usage explodes and it gets OOM killed
<peepsalot> so, I think its doing a bunch of round trips between CGAL and manifold (because manifold doesn't do convex decomposition https://github.com/elalish/manifold/issues/415 )
<peepsalot> if things are too reliable try bumping fn to 20 or 24.
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<peeps[work]> oh and sometimes it only partially errors out of CGAL. so there's still incorrect geometry displayed, while other times it results in no top level object to render
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<kintel> I figured out how to enable ssh on GitHub CI. However, once the server is open, it's technically possible for anyone to ssh into it.
<kintel> On the positive side: It has to be activated by launch a workflow manually
<kintel> Any concerns about that? e.g. we may have some keys accessible from inside the ci?
<kintel> -> it's possible to harden it, if needed
<guso78> suppose, no chance without a  password...
<teepee> are there secrets on github? circle-ci yes
<guso78> suppose you have the openscad installer  signer keys there... restricted access
<teepee> that is on circle-ci
<kintel> I don't think we even auto-download GitHub artifact, right?
<teepee> correct, only circle-ci again, mostly due to github requiring authorization for reading public artifacts, which is annoying
<teepee> although circle-ci seems to have introduced a similar stupid thing
<teepee> I don't see any secrets setup on github, only a deploy key which I'm wondering what it is for
<teepee> it claims to be used, but we don't deploy to github
<teepee> maybe I just remove it and see if anything breaks ;-)
<kintel> Where do you see that?
<teepee> repo -> settings -> deploy key
<teepee> secrets and variables is empty
<kintel> Last used with the last week. No sure who is using that..
<teepee> yep, not sure what for
<teepee> let me remove it
<kintel> I'll look into the hardening in any case (it would probably be limited to ssh public keys of specific people), but it sounds like enabling ssh for now might be ok, as long as it's limited to custom CI runs
<teepee> yep, we don't use it for releases and input is public code only
<kintel> I think, technically, this would allow us to fire up VS Code locally, and edit, build and run OpenSCAD code on the CI server until it times out (6h or so)
<teepee> I guess so. I do have codespaces though which is quite similar :)
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<kintel> does codespaces support Mac or Windows yet?
<teepee> I don't know, I've not really used it
<kintel> Meh, "Regardless of your local operating system, your codespace will run in a Linux environment"
<kintel> But yeah, ssh into CI is like DIY codespaces ;)
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<guso78> kintel, did you even  use texture uv  coordinates from  VBO buffers in a GLSL program ?
<kintel> guso78 Not in a very long time : /
<guso78> kintel, but at least you understood my question. that means i dont try to perform  nonesense haha ...
<kintel> I may have mentioned this before, but: I would strongly recommend prototyping your GL code in a minimal program, so at least you know that your code GL code is correct
<kintel> Feel free to play with this if it helps: https://github.com/kintel/offscreen
<kintel> -> it doesn't do textures, but I do have per-vertex colors as vertex attributes fed from a VBO
<kintel> I also use VAOs in that example, but that's a thin layer on top of VBOs
<guso78> i dont know for 100% how VBO's are working, i was able to achieve my success by templating, guessing, reading tutorials . maybe i need to learn from the start some time.
<guso78> thank you for the link, i 'll try to get  it working as-is 1st
<guso78> kintel, would  you  enjoy that openscad(master)  Preview(F5)  can do textures when instructed ?
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<guso78> hmm, i cant get glfw3 in fedora core37
<kintel> it's probably just glfw-devel in Fedora; I've only tested on Ubuntu
<kintel> Not sure I understand where textures (and texture coordinates) would come from in OpenSCAD
<kintel> ..but it does sounds like a similar concept to the custom shader code from last year's GSoC
<kintel> I do think, before adding new rendering feature, some significant refactoring is warranted though :) I'm still working my way through GL refactoring and I haven't added a single feature yet..
<guso78> my idea is to specify one (or several) texture commands with a jpeg file are issues in the beginning of the SCAD file. then color("green", texture=1) could activate greeninsh 1st texture
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<guso78> Could not find a configuration file for package "glfw3" that is compatible
<guso78>   with requested version "".
<guso78> hmm, its not exaclty PnP ...
<kintel> Fedora is different I guess.
<kintel> Perhaps just build it without glfw: cmake -DENABLE_GLFW=0
<guso78> thank you for the hint.
<guso78> i thought, GLFW is core component and is not optional
<guso78> looks like you might receive some PR's on you offscreen ...
<guso78> anyway, not today ....
<kintel> meh, well it was worth trying. One day I'll see if I can get the CI running this on Fedora
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<kintel> guso78 btw., which compiler do you use?
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<InPhase> peeps[work]: Right. So that sounds like remaining thread correctness bugs.
<InPhase> peeps[work]: Certainly worthy of an issue. The one I posted like that got attention really quickly.
<peeps[work]> yeah i'll try to write one up this evening
<peeps[work]> InPhase: what do you mean by thread correctness bug though?
<peeps[work]> you think its in our implementation of manifold, and not manifold issue itself?
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<InPhase> peeps[work]: It's probably in Manifold judging from the fact that it is new, and that it turns out the threading issue that I reported appears to have trickled upstream from us and got fixed in Manifold. But you can post it as our issue with the same mindset in mind. There's a collaborative attention going on.
<InPhase> It's probably most proper as our issue until someone proves it's upstream with a little more attention.
<peeps[work]> yeah, makes sense
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