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<sinned6915> linext: the last one is basically what i am doing now
<sinned6915> thanks
<linext> teepee, i'm not sure the build can work on a 4GB ram VM
<teepee> I have not tried what the limits are, the docker stuff runs directly on my old srever machine with 16gb although that is running at least one extra VM
<linext> i'll have to wait to see if it reboots by itself
<teepee> oh my, death by swapping?
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<linext> yep, just rebooted
<linext> no big deal, i can turn it off and give it some more
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<linext> yep, worked, and much faster
<linext> 8GB ram
<linext> i'll have to double-check if "manifold" is the wasm
<linext> it's --enable=manifold right?
<teepee> yes
<linext> i'm not seeing the speed-up
<linext> is this right? //http://www.wolframalpha.com/input/?i=Archimedes%E2%80%99+spiral
<linext> incrementBy = 100; // [30:1:200]
<linext> spirals = 10; // [1:1:20]
<linext> / diameter of tree
<linext> a = 0.07; // [0.03:0.01:0.4]
<linext> / height of each cube
<linext> height = 10; // [5:1:15]
<linext> / thickness of each cube
<linext> wallThickness = 5; // [1:1:15]
<linext> for(i=[0:360/spirals:360])
<linext> rotate([0,0,i])
<linext> for(t=[0:incrementBy:1000]){
<linext> hull(){
<linext> translate([a*t*cos(t),a*t*sin(t),(1000-t)/4])
<linext> cube([wallThickness/2,wallThickness/2,height]);
<linext> translate([a*(t+incrementBy)*cos(t+incrementBy),a*(t+incrementBy)*sin(t+incrementBy),(1000-t-incrementBy)/4])
<linext> cube([wallThickness/2,wallThickness/2,height]);
<linext> }
<linext> }
<linext> whoops
<linext> git clone --recurse https://github.com/ochafik/openscad.git --branch filtered-number --single-branch $@
<linext> o
<linext> i'm not sure what the last $@ means
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<teepee_> $@ means "all the parameters given to a bash script"
<teepee_> using --branch will give you some old branch without manifold I suspect
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<linext> is there a way to get the most recent?
<linext> maybe just delete the stuff after .git?
<teepee> drop the --branch option and use the openscad official repo
<teepee> yes and master branch
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<linext> each attempt takes about 20 minutes
<teepee> I know, the build stuff is mostly annoying... full MXE update is about 6h ;-)
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<linext> i think part of the problem is that the dependencies all get build from scratch
<teepee> not a problem, it's just how it works, once the base image is built, it does not need to change too often though
<linext> so far i've not been able to get a version with manifold to build
<linext> maybe you can tell me exactly how to change the makefile
<linext> i've been editing line 113
<teepee> I have not used the full makefile, but I think that's the line to change, yes
<linext> can you tell me what to change it o?
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<linext> https://github.com/ochafik/openscad has a .circleci folder as well
<teepee> I believe that should do: git clone --recurse https://github.com/openscad/openscad.git --single-branch $@
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<linext> ok, i'll check it tomorrow, bye
<linext> thanks
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<kintel> I finally booted into Windows to run some OpenSCAD tests and discovered this:
<kintel> 1. In a command prompt, this works fine: openscad cube.scad -o out.png
<kintel> 2. In a command prompt over ssh, the same does _not_ work; OpenSCAD picks up OpenGL 1.1 and not any of the installed ICD drivers
<kintel> 3. In remote desktop it works again
<kintel> -> Does anyone know if this is known behavior, or if it's my system acting up?
<kintel> (The behavior seems to be the same in a Windows command prompt and in an msys2 shell)
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<InPhase> kintel: Did you compare the PATH variable?
<kintel> PATH is identical, as is most other env variables
<InPhase> Do you have an ldd in that msys2 env that you can run under the two settings?
<InPhase> s/settings/scenarios/
<kintel> ldd doesn
<kintel> ldd doesn't work for run-time loaded libs, right, just at dynamic linker time?
<InPhase> Oh. We're doing it like that.
<kintel> Not sure exactly how ICD drivers are loaded, but I kind of assume it's at runtime
<kintel> We just link with Microsoft's OpenGL DLL I think
<kintel> I'm mostly wondering if this is normal behavior, or if my system is messed up.
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<InPhase> That I don't know. It is not a common event to ssh into Windows in the first place.
<InPhase> I don't recall hearing about such an issue.
<kintel> yeah, remoting _into_ windows is perhaps not too common :)
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* J23 loves when math checks out https://imgur.com/a/xzaRA8g
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<linext> the wasm build failed for me, tbb not found by cmake
<teepee> hmm, that's odd, TBB should not be enabled for WASM
<teepee> oh, right, that's changed in our circle-ci.yml only
<teepee> let me check
<teepee> -DENABLE_TBB=OFF \
<teepee> and that's why we maintain those builds, but as you see it takes a while to get all the stuff working
<teepee> I'm currently fixing the Snap build and there's still a couple of Linux distro builds broken on OBS
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<linext> it appears that only the branch "filtered-number" works with dschroer's build: https://github.com/ochafik/openscad/tree/filtered-number
<teepee> sure, it's an old without manifold
<stefanct> hey, anybody around who feels responsible for the wikibook? there is a note for is_undef in there that states it is 2019.05+ but AFAICT it's 2019.01+
<teepee> it's a public wiki :)
<stefanct> sure but i am not sure if i am right ;)
<stefanct> also not sure about the other functions
<teepee> well, 2019.05 refers to release version, there's not really one called 2019.01
<stefanct> according to the tags in the repo indeed, hm... but since there are RCs there surely was such a release, no? :)
<stefanct> hm, nothing at https://files.openscad.org/
<teepee> no
<stefanct> well, then i was kinda wrong, thanks
<teepee> I don't like that time based numbering, it's always causing confusion
<teepee> but that's how it is :)
<stefanct> well, the confusion was because nobody tagged a release :)
<teepee> dev snapshots get a 3 part daily "name"
<teepee> releases year.month<-patch>
<teepee> no, there was none until later
<InPhase> I like the time based thing, because it helps to clarify the RC came first in time.
<teepee> and calling it 2019.01 when it comes out in may is also not useful
<InPhase> It's the OTHER mechanism that is causing lexographic ordering confusion. stefanct's confusion was a learned behavior based on learning to reorder the other stuff.
<teepee> aaaaaand 73th try with the updated Snap build...
<InPhase> It's much more natural that "things are labeled when they come out". Including RCs.
<InPhase> Just RCs aren't releases.
<teepee> ha!
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Switch to Clang and update libraries.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/69891e32675644f14a1e614a80e658cd678d6e5a
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul opened pull request #4578 (Fix Snap package build) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4578
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<InPhase> Hey, my donut. :)
<teepee> nom nom
<InPhase> That's a pretty speedy system.
<J23> that is a sex toy or?
<InPhase> linext: You'll want to cross-compare the performance of that with yours, as there might be some upgrades to steal.
<InPhase> J23: You should file a bug report. All the UB.scad examples error out with "Can't open file "out.ast" for export"
<J23> you also can not include a library ..  not sure why
<InPhase> Yeah, the directories are wrong for the YAPP one.
<J23> and  as these are not examples but just the read only library  you can not activate the modules
<InPhase> Perhaps doing it with the playground.scad at the top level would do it.
<J23> tried but i can not include the lib there
<InPhase> Yeah, likewise. YAPP seems to include <../YAPP_Box/stuff> which does not work here.
<InPhase> But understandable error.
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<joseph_> kintel: A couple days ago, were you suggesting GLSL version checking as a potential GSoC project? Or was that just a general thing that needs to get done eventually?
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed pull request #4578 (Fix Snap package build) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4578
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 1 modifications (Merge pull request #4578 from openscad/snap-update-build Fix Snap package build.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/f334a14c882a4d0015db6e110211435d9439b246
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<kintel> joseph_ It was more meant as a task that we eventually may want to address. Not sure if it's big enough for GSoC, until there's a more coherent plan for where rendering is heading.
<teepee> kintel did you see that info mail yet? surprisingly this actually seems legit after a first look
<kintel> uh, no? *checking*
<kintel> Apple Mail tagged it as spam, and it really took a second reading to not trigger my mental spam filter
<teepee> yep, same
<teepee> at first glance it has all the red flags
<kintel> EUR 1.30 may be too small an amount to make it to us for this particular batch, but it's a nice gesture :)
<teepee> I would even suggest looking for some sort of working together instead of talking money
<teepee> but I agree it's an interesting gesture for sure
<kintel> true. I don't have any ideas off the top of my head, but anything is possible.
<kintel> Btw., on a serious note: I'm all for using existing funding to pay for travel costs for anyone wanting to do outreach activities, talk on conferences etc., if anyone is interested :)
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<teepee> if you don't have anything specific, I try to find out if there's any interesting overlap
<linext> InPhase, i think i might have to start using the ochafik demo version of openscad wasm, dschroer's version is out of date, doesn't include manifold, and he said he's going to be too busy until fall to make another release
<teepee> linext: let me finish the official build, that hopefully is future proof and auto-updating
<linext> i think i may have found a bug in rotate_extrude: https://www.3dcustomizer.net/customize/133-Tube+bender
<linext> if you specify an angle like 63 degrees
<linext> maybe i just need to turn $fn up higher
<Virindi> I would call the pipe code incorrect.
<Virindi> it starts and ends both extrusions at the exact same point
<Virindi> you should never do that
<Virindi> the inner extrusion should be given a slightly larger angle
<Virindi> anything you subtract needs to be larger or smaller than the thing being subtracted from, it should never share a face
<linext> yea, i made the inner be angleVar+1 and it works
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<Virindi> the start angle also needs to be slightly below 0 degrees :)
<Virindi> perhaps something like
<Virindi> rotate([0,0,-1]) rotate_extrude(angle=angleVar+2) translate([bendDistance, 0, 0]) circle(innerDiameter);
<Virindi> also that site just broke and I now have a hidden browser tab stuck at 100% cpu
<Virindi> there we go :)
<J23> you have a lot of floating error for the rotate extrude  -  and without changing anything the errors in the mesh will be different after each cache flush.
<linext> yea, the results are different for CGAL and manifold
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<guso78> i cant find the log  file anymore.
<guso78> i restarted it again last time and it began  from  the  beginning
<teepee> that looks like it's building a native cmake
<teepee> if your distro is not very old, installing the native one should skip that
<teepee> I guess at least the last 2 or 3 fedora releases should have a recent enough cmake (>= 3.18 IIRC)
<guso78> hi teepee,  thank you for your hints. its not relevant for me whether its useful torebuild cmake.
<guso78> my question is: *is* there a log file or is it already deleted because the build failed
<teepee> no, it should be at the place it says with [log]
<teepee> but it should not be needed to build that in most cases
<guso78> teepee, in my place things  never work as expected ;)
<teepee> it's not called *.log, just the name of the package
<guso78> sorry ,  i must have been blind.
<teepee> nope, I'm pretty sure it's normal that the build stuff is annoying, I've not seen a stable result in the last 10 years I'm maintaining the various builds
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<teepee> you can only get things stable if you freeze the environment which is rarely possible
<guso78> it missing openssl, this is why it stopped
<teepee> it took half of the day today getting the Snap builds back in working order with some minimal library updates
<teepee> not like all the time working/typing but the process is slow and you only get one error at the time
<guso78> wow.. glad to know, that i am not alone ;)
<guso78> today i tried my texture stuff on  a linux machine without any virtualbox and it worked  out of the box. probably i will rerun the ctests soon
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<Guest87> how do I get a copy of the cheat sheet(and all its links) for when I can't connect to the internet?
<teepee> Guest87: hmpf, we need to finally enable that it ships with the application, it's prepared
<teepee> you can download the files, let me find the link
<teepee> hmm, it's only the manual http://files.openscad.org/documentation/
<teepee> I thought that's included too, but I guess right now, just save the spreadsheet and use the docs from that link
<teepee> but that obviously would not work with the direkt links unfortunately
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