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<lf94> Trying to think of an SDF that creates a ripple throughout the Z axis
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<lf94> I like how if we successfully get libfive integration working, SDFs will be a common topic here
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<lf94> InPhase: the guy who made the lighter got back to me: around 8 hours
<lf94> I find people underestimate what they remember and also dont account for "minor touch ups"
<lf94> It was probably honestly 4 days of work
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<InPhase> lf94: I don't remember discussing a lighter... How far back does this conversation go?
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<InPhase> lf94: Oh, right. That one where we were discussing making things in a short time after learning a new system.
<InPhase> lf94: So I could imagine that sort of thing perhaps in 8 hours of "work", as long as I were able to splice in the middle some "Oh crap, I don't know how to do this step, better take a break to go read or watch some videos, and not count this time". :)
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<gbruno> [github] gsohler synchronize pull request #4542 (Importing .obj Files in OpenSCAD) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4542
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<lf94> yea
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<gbruno> [github] maxlapshin opened issue #4543 (2023.03.06 on macos 11 hide everything on thrown together) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4543
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<gbruno> [github] t-paul closed pull request #4542 (Importing .obj Files in OpenSCAD) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4542
<gbruno> [github] t-paul pushed 4 additions 6 modifications (Importing .obj Files in OpenSCAD (#4542) Add OBJ import.) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/commit/4b835ad4a12e0468d53f6b84a373ad5553fb951a
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<Guest23> Hello, hope you are doing well! I have a complex drawing with its several parts grouped (logically in the code), and they overlap. I need to make a hole (difference) at specific position, but unfortunately several parts (cubes) intersect in this location. The would-be logical solution is to get those overlapping cubes from those logical sections,
<Guest23> group them as union and perform difference with part of hole shape. But then I break logical structure of the code. Is it possible somehow to define ID for cubes in those logical sections, and then just reference them in union to tell difference() what cubes to subtract difference from?
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<linext> emmett messaged me on thingiverse and told me he's working on this: https://manifoldcad.org/
<buZz> emmett, the legend
<linext> i messaged him back in Sept 2022 telling him about OpenSCAD WASM and possibly collaborating if he had the time
<buZz> this webgl preview is kinda pretty
<InPhase> buZz: I looked him up back in December, and he has a career involving 3D modeling and lighting and such, so he is understandably good at that part.
<linext> he works at Google
<linext> a good exercise would be to convert all the openscad examples to manifoldcad
<buZz> i used his pins.scad till my fingers hurt
<buZz> :D
<buZz> still something i fall back on for interconnecting bigger prints
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<linext> i bet it wouldn't be that much harder to support manifoldcad on 3dcustomizer.net
<guso78[m]> Suppose, Most of us are present in thingiverse
<InPhase> I'm more "past" in thingiverse. I stopped uploading things there.
<InPhase> They have strung that site along on minimal life support for many years.
<guso78[m]> you are right, my new target is cults3d, but still present in origin
<buZz> i tried using myminifactory but dno
<buZz> either i just upload to thingiverse, or my github
<guso78[m]> it was really nice to have the thingiverse app, but now its broken for years already (just because of an expired key ...)
<buZz> i dont use android or ios so i dont know :)
<buZz> my 'cellphone' just runs desktop browsers :)
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<kintel> FYI: I've been putting together some OpenGL offscreen utilities, partially to refresh my knowledge and partially to figure out how GLAD works. Goal is better/more modern context creation across platforms, and to support/facilitate removing legacy OpenGL usage from OpenSCAD. One in a little better shape I plan to move the core code into OpenSCAD.
<kintel> Feedback is welcome; still more stuff to do
<kintel> ..focusing on offscreen as that's the weakest link in OpenSCAD :)
<teepee> it has submodules?
<teepee> /home/tp/projects/o/offscreen/src/main.cc:220:22: error: ‘glGetStringi’ was not declared in this scope; did you mean ‘glGetString’?
<kintel> stb_image as submodule for png export
<kintel> I need to write a better readme: cmake -DUSE_GLAD=1 .
<teepee> yep, fetched the submodule but got the compile error
<teepee> oh, it uses glad already :)
<kintel> I don't use GLAD on macOS, as macOS has OpenGL wrangling built-in
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<teepee> compiles and runs :)
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<teepee> OpenGL: 4.6 (Core Profile) Mesa 22.3.3 (Intel)
<teepee> renderer: Mesa Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620 (KBL GT2)
<kintel> yeah, key is to ask for a core profile, to tease out all the legacy calls :)
<kintel> you can also ask for GLES directly, which should so the same
<teepee> GLES: 3.2 Mesa 22.3.3 (Intel)
<teepee> with --gles 3
<teepee> background color is different, is that random / transparent?
<kintel> random so that I know it ran correctly
<teepee> cool, works fine then on my machine :)
<buZz> will openscad get gles? <3
<teepee> hmm, release party for a shader editor going on. quite fitting timing :D
<kintel> buzz: If we remove immediate-mode GL code, it should be compatible with GLES, so it would be a matter of obtaining a context
<buZz> this matches my desire to get openscad on my portable ancient ARM devices
<kintel> (and getting a context on Linux seems to be easy at least)
<buZz> there's other OS?
<kintel> What devices are you aiming for?
<buZz> :D
<buZz> motorola droid 4 , samsung xe503c32 'chromebook 2'
<buZz> i can run gl4es and use it, or the mesa sw renderer, but its so much slower
<buZz> droid4 is a omap4430 , xe503c32 is a exynos5800
<kintel> Running Android or some other Linux?
<buZz> linux
<kintel> and Mesa has GLES drivers for them all?
<buZz> maemoleste/devuan on the droid4, archlinuxarm on the xe503c32 (hopefully not much longer)
<buZz> no, mesa can emulate a GL driver in sw
<lf94> breaking changes breaking changes
<lf94> just do it
<buZz> the droid4 has fully working proprietary driver for gles
<lf94> lift openscad to the heavens
<buZz> would be ideaaaaaaal for 'openscad in my pocket' :)
<kintel> Does it do GLES3, or only 2?
<buZz> its over 10 years old ;) v2
<kintel> heh
<kintel> If you give https://github.com/kintel/offscreen a spin, that's a good indicator. It runs on my RPi; I don't have other embedded devices with a GPU
<lf94> what pi hardware revision
<lf94> Ive got a 2 here
<kintel> lf94: Only tested on a RPi 4 as I had it already running somewhere
<kintel> ..but RPi 4 supports plain OpenGL, so it's not the best test
<teepee> kintel: some gui inspiration https://www.poshbrolly.net/ :)
<kintel> teepee Rewrite OpenSCAD to web GUI? :)
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<teepee> noooooooo
<kintel> haha :)
<teepee> additional web option is great, all-web is just dystopic ;-)
<kintel> otoh, if I could replace Qt with anything less crazy I'd try
<kintel> QML rewrite could be interesting, as that can run on web directly, but it's a big job..
<buZz> i'm glad openscad is a application and not a website
<InPhase> buZz: Yeah, we're not changing that. :)
<buZz> pfew :)
<teepee> I wonder how he did all that animation stuff
<InPhase> Supporting the other mode of operation is fine though.
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<InPhase> Dropping desktop mode would cause a riot of forks and such (minus the pitch on the forks, probably).
<buZz> pitchless forks sound nice
<kintel> heh, yeah, better keep it hard to modify; only for daring C++ devs ;)
* InPhase prepares a "Tempate All The Things" PR.
<InPhase> s/Tempate/Template/
<buZz> kintel: fails on finding GBM , i have libgbm-dev installed though (devuan 4/debian 11)
<buZz> oh wait, nevermind
<kintel> I should also make that optional, it's only used for multi-GPU setups
<buZz> hmmm no, still nothing
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<Guest11> Anyone here?
<kintel> buzz: If you pull again, I made GBM optional
<InPhase> Guest11: Many people.
<buZz> kintel: alright, continueing on the other deps ;)
<kintel> right glfw, I could make that optional too ;)
<buZz> i guess just libglfw3-dev :)
<buZz> ^_^
<buZz> at least that installed and its compiling now
<kintel> remember cmake -DUSE_GLAD=1 .
<Guest11> Hello Kintel, I emailed you a couple of minuets ago! When you get a chance could you let me know what you think? It was from mybridgeinc@gmail.com
<buZz> lol
<buZz> kintel: crashes on launch :( want a strace or something?
<kintel> Was that with the GLAD setting on?
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<buZz> yeah
<kintel> Guest11 Feel free to post here or on the mailing list (i.e. request for paid assistance with scad-related SW dev)
<buZz> actually, it might have to do with this setup, supposedly -something- about gpu support is broken
<teepee> hmm, I don't understand that mail
<Guest11> Nice, Thank you!
<kintel> buzz: trace would help, at least so I can improve error handling
<teepee> hire to use OpenSCAD? does that mean you are searching for someone to write openscad models?
<buZz> just the output of program
<kintel> buzz, oh and run with ./offscreen --gles 2
<kintel> ^ it says it's trying to request an OpenGL 2.1 context, which I guess you don't have support for
<buZz> still segfaults with that
<Guest11> not looking for models only, need an interface and some a system to help desing the structures I do drawings for.
<kintel> same error message?
<kintel> this doesn't look like a segfault though, just a clean failure
<Guest11> ...teepee...
<buZz> kintel: no, without parameter 'Unable to create GL context' , with it just 'Segmentation Fault' which could be something with my drivers
<buZz> Guest11: you can make structures in openscad
<kintel> ..but segfault after the "Error: Unable to create GL context" message?
<buZz> with --gles 2 there's no Unable to create GL context' message
<buZz> there is a 'Got context and framebuffer:' msg though
<Guest11> buZz I will join the chat again later. I need to streamline and do the structures quickly. I have a background in programming and have a beta version with no 3d capabilities.
<buZz> doing stuff quickly usually requires skill :P
<buZz> but yeah, nobody is a mind reader
<Guest11> buZz LOL....I need to leave now but will be back.
<buZz> ;)
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<linext> i'm available for OpenSCAD design development
<linext> lol, nevermind, he's gone
<teepee> but will come back
<linext> teepee, did you see this? https://manifoldcad.org/
<teepee> yes
<teepee> seen it mentioned by one of the other people helping emmet
<kintel> buZz That's weird; looks like glGetString(GL_VERSION) worked, but glGetString(GL_VENDOR) crashed?
<teepee> emmett
<kintel> buZz If you're able to get a stack track, that might help: cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -DUSE_GLAD=1 .
<buZz> kintel: again, it could be somethings wrong with the current driver, GLES acceleration of MPV works , but chromium needs --disable-gpu now
<buZz> used to work without though
<kintel> buZz Could also be that EGL doesn't work well there; I didn't implement GLX yet
* buZz builds a Debug version
<guso78[m]> Wondering, how many people Work behind manifoldcad .
<kintel> guso78: I believe it's just emmett on his spare time
<buZz> i really like how that 3D viewer looks
<teepee> I know about 2, but github has the graphs
<teepee> pca006132 who also commented on the openscad issue
<kintel> sounds like a stormtrooper name ;)
<buZz> is the Debug version supposed to have more verbose output, kintel ?
<kintel> no, but you get core dump symbols :)
<guso78[m]> Teepee , how would my Texture Stuff merge with the Other glsl PR ?
<buZz> oh, ok
<kintel> oh, I forgot to mention: ./offscreen --gles 2 --verbose
<buZz> lol what
<buZz> --verbose is -less- verbose
<buZz> 'device platform' and next line is segfault :
<buZz> :D
<teepee> guso78[m]: I don't have an immediate answer, with language changes things get interesting too
<kintel> haha, hence stack trace
<teepee> guso78[m]: we would not want to have a quick preview solution that will block later full color render difficult
<guso78[m]> Its Just an additional optional Parameter to color Bode.
<guso78[m]> Node
<teepee> I've seen the example, but how to maintain that?
<teepee> maintaining a ever growing list of built-in textures seems not ideal
<guso78[m]> Ahh ok
<guso78[m]> My Idea is that the User can locally Import His own texttures on intent
<teepee> so question is how to make it customizable by the user
<guso78[m]> So No texttures will Ship with OpenSCAD
<guso78[m]> Teepee, we would Need some ui additions.
<teepee> having some base selection would be fine and useful
<teepee> but yes, something similar to the shader PR would probably make sense too
<teepee> maybe somehow integrated with customizer?
<guso78[m]> Maybe texttures would load with Import function. So scad Files bind to correct texture
<buZz> how will we determine UV coordinates then?
<buZz> or isnt this about texturemapping
<guso78[m]> Maybe create a Texture command because i. Conttast to Import its a global setting.
<guso78[m]> We could define, how much Millimeter is 1 U
<guso78[m]> I have 10 mm in my example
<guso78[m]> You would specify this when using Texture command.
<kintel> buZz meh, feels like EGL acting up. Perhaps my code isn't EGL 1.0 compatible..
<buZz> i can try it again later once the gpu drivers are deemed functional again :P
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<kintel> buZz or run eglinfo to see if that works
<linext> wow
<teepee> he totally wrote all the gui code by hand (except the editor)
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<guso78[m]> Nice! its one of these space-filling patterns. i am sure it has an unique name in wikipedia.
<guso78[m]> shall we get this into an openscad animation ?
<guso78[m]> i am just wondering, if the CSG has a cube and a cylinder e.g that there is a different shader for the cube than for the cylinder.
<guso78[m]> the poshbrolly does not show totally smooth in my place, even it could be.
<buZz> eglinfo seems to work kintel
<buZz> oh, they left
<buZz> nevermind
<buZz> :)
<linext> for the 3d animations on posh brolly, where are the textures coming from?
<teepee> not sure, might be built-in?
<teepee> he did not talk about that or I have missed it
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<kintel> buZz thx, will compare my code to the eglinfo sources for now, and I may ask you again later :)
<buZz> alrighty ;)
<guso78[m]> linext: teepee BTW thanks for merging
<linext> huh
<teepee> lol, awesome, that tool has an undo-stack for the sliders
<guso78[m]> probably i proceed adding a "texture" builtin next
<teepee> that could be difficult to get concensus for, as it's a difficult fit for code based design
<guso78[m]> openscad is a description based language(not code based)
<teepee> yes
<guso78[m]> you "describe" appearance of the faces ...
<teepee> not quite, describe solids
<guso78[m]> agreed, but the message is the same.
<guso78[m]> the eyes see the surface in most of the cases
<teepee> right, but it gets interesting when differencing solids with different settings
<guso78[m]> correct. the paper which you showed me recently shows it correctly
<guso78[m]> a part of surface which is present in the output always has same surface as the object where its derived from
<guso78[m]> that means a cut, which is created by a cube has the face of the cube.
<guso78[m]> has same appearance as the cube.
<teepee> which is a bit strange :)
<teepee> but it's how the display code currently works
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<Abrasive21> Was in here earlier, looking for a programmer/developer for a custom interface and application. For designing "space frame" style structures.
<teepee> linext: ^
<Abrasive21> If anyone is interested my email is: mybridgeinc@gmail.com I would prefer to be written in c# and I have a very crude beta version I've written but have reached my programming limits.
<Abrasive21> teepee is linext a programmer?
<teepee> yes
<Abrasive21> Thank you! I will try to contact him.
<teepee> author of https://3dcustomizer.net/ for example
<Abrasive21> very cool. I sent him a message. Thanks for the referral. not sure if i'll be able to pick up this conversation, but I'll poke back in later.
<buZz> i'm sure you're capable of conversation :)
<Abrasive21> buZz not sure what that means?
<buZz> i'm mean, you're able if you want to :D
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<teepee> supposedly there's real life too ;-)
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<buZz> so they say :P
<teepee> yeah, probably fiction created by cats
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