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<gbruno> [github] schiele synchronize pull request #4539 (move range check outside loop in random_extrude) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4539
<gbruno> [github] schiele synchronize pull request #4538 (implement new scale and translate parameter to rotate_extrude) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/pull/4538
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<linext> dschroer found a fix for the web assembly
<linext> remove MODULARIZE=1 from their builds
<linext> `MODULARIZE=1` breaks web worker support
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<dmitry_> Good time everybody! Need help using bosl2 screws module. I guess its right place to ask.
<dmitry_> according to docs https://github.com/revarbat/BOSL2/wiki/screws.scad#subsection-screw-naming it's as simple as screw("M3");
<dmitry_> but I get "ERROR: Assertion '!(is_undef(spec) && is_undef($screw_spec))' failed: "No screw spec given and no parent spec available to inherit" in file ..."
<InPhase> Did you try specifying the length?
<dmitry_> should I configure or generate something prior to use?
<InPhase> Minimum screw thread specifications would be the diameter-standard and the length.
<dmitry_> I did specify length. I do "screw("M3", head="flat small",length=12);" and still get same error
<InPhase> Well, I admit I don't use BOSL2. For screws I use my own threading library: https://github.com/rcolyer/threads-scad
<InPhase> In which it would be ScrewThread(3, 12) to make the thread.
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<InPhase> MetricBolt(3, 12) will generate a standardized bolt with a head.
<InPhase> But I will also issue a general caveat... M3 screws are not really very printable on a standard 0.4mm extruder nozzle FDM printer setup. You'll need something a little higher quality to get something reasonable. And even then it will be a very flimsy screw unless you're talking about a metal printer.
<InPhase> M4 is basically your minimum for a usable screw/bolt on a normal plastic FDM.
<InPhase> Although you can get away with M3 threaded holes just fine, if you plan on metal M3 bolts.
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<Virindi> Just because you want to model it, doesn't mean you want to print it! I don't know about you but in my models I want as much of the assembly to be shown as practicable
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<gbruno> [github] adrianVmariano opened issue #4577 (OpenSCAD hangs on unlimited recursion) https://github.com/openscad/openscad/issues/4577
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<linext> is there a way to set MODULARIZE=1 for the WASM build?
<linext> that setting prevents the OpenSCAD WASM from being run using Web Workers
<linext> i think it ends up being for Node
<sinned6915> so i have this funnel on thingiverse that want to design better in openscad
<sinned6915> my hangup is the vent tube- https://lounge.mikkel.cc/uploads/29f7e9316f731e3b/image.png
<sinned6915> i cheated and used autocad to generate it and then merged it into the model
<sinned6915> I am trying to figure out a way to generate that swept tube and elbows in openscad.
<linext> what about rotate_extrude on a circle
<sinned6915> i am stuck on 2d linear axtrudes for donut type shapes
<linext> are you trying to create vent_tube.stl in OpenSCAD?
<sinned6915> i thought we could extrude along the path defined by a line
<sinned6915> yes
<linext> so you're stuck ont he elbow?
<sinned6915> sort of
<Virindi> to make a tube in openscad, define a path and then step a sphere or cylinder along that path, hulling every adjacent pair of steps
<sinned6915> i am triyng to digest and understand the hook example from rotate extrude
<linext> i'll try to write a simple example
<Virindi> extrude only works on a linear or circular path sadly?
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<sinned6915> i thought we could extrude along a function like sin(x)
<Virindi> can you?
<guso78[m]> There are eine ways to Extruder also a path ...
<teepee> linext: is that MODULARIZE fixed in the dschroer repo?
<guso78[m]> Extrude along a path
<linext> i haven't gotten dschroer's script to build
<J23> sinned6915 make the funnel reaching deeper inside the bottle then leave segments in the thread so it can vent there
<sinned6915> guso78[m]: can you expand a bit please
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<linext> here's the errors: https://paste.debian.net/1275257/
<guso78[m]> I believe in bosl2 lib there are functions which can so that.
<sinned6915> j23: holes in the collar reaching into the funnel ?
<sinned6915> j23: holes in the collar reaching into the bottle?
<J23> the funnel reaching into the bottle outside of the funnel the air pass through the collar
<guso78[m]> Other Option ist to use openscad forks which can so that.
<teepee> linext: hmm, it's not fixed in the upstream repo yet
<linext> teepee, i tried an old copy of the build script from sept 2022 when i built the WASM
<linext> it's pretty fragile
<linext> some of the stuff it downloads has already changed URLs
<linext> it's dependent on a lot of other stuff
<teepee> yes, you need to update both the emscripten base image and the latest master from dschroer, that works fine for me
<linext> also, i'm not sure if the docker VM he's using is going to stick around now that docker is deleting free VMs
<teepee> but I can rebuild, so remove the MODULARIZE=1
<teepee> nope, docker stopped the changes, to much pressure
<linext> so you edited the DockerFile?
<guso78[m]> <sinned6915> "guso78: can you expand a bit..." <- .
<linext> teepee, maybe you could have a separate automated WASM build with MODULALIZE=0
<linext> dschroer said it should be possible to rename openscad.js to openscad.wasm.js and overwrite that, and overwrite openscad.wasm
<sinned6915> guso78[m]: i am looking at https://github.com/revarbat/BOSL2
<linext> sinned6915, here's an example of rotate_extrude: https://www.3dcustomizer.net/customize/84-Revised+Rotated+Name+Plate
<sinned6915> linext: thanks
<teepee> linext: I'm confused, so what should be changed compared to the current build?
<linext> MODULARIZE=0, rename openscad.js to openscad.wasm.js
<teepee> I don't see MODULARIZE=1, so that's maybe the default?
<linext> i'm not sure
<linext> let me go back to the build link you sent me a few days ago
<teepee> oh, interesting, I did not see there's a difference from the docker build and circle-ci builds
<teepee> I'll have to check that
<teepee> well, and sync the builds
<linext> it's on line 148
<linext> towards the right
<teepee> yes, I've seen it, it's not in the docker build, not sure why
<linext> is it possible to rotate_extrude a difference(circle(d=10); circle(d=5)); to make a tube?
<linext> or better yet, a curved tube
<linext> sinned6915, https://ibb.co/vDznCJ6
<linext> i tried splicing your batch script (https://github.com/openscad/openscad/blob/master/.circleci/config.yml#L121) into the dschroer Dockerfile and got the same error
<teepee> did you docker pull emscripten/emsdk ?
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<linext> that helped quite a bit