phoebos changed the topic of #kisslinux to: Unofficial KISS Linux community channel | | post logs or else | song of the day
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<sewn> who decided it was a good idea to change the os-release from KISS Linux to KISS Linux Community
<sewn> phoebos: shouldn't it be KISS Community Linux or just keep it as is
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<testuser[m]> hi
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<phoebos> sewn: whatever it is, it's not KISS Linux
<sewn> so why not KISS Community Linux
<sewn> or just keep it the same because realistically this is a continuation not a fork
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<phoebos> if the order matters it can be changed, but our project is distinct from Dylan's and the name is one of the parts he was most concerned about
<phoebos> ie. it must say "community" somewhere
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<sad_plan> but it is kiss linux community. the community of kiss linux. its not the community of kiss. which would be the community of the package manager instead. but at the end of the day, does it really matter? appart from making a distinction from kiss linux as phoebos said that dylan wanted
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