<headius> oh yeah blog post!
<headius> enebo: have you been able to run through any of the examples? Otherwise I could do it tomorrow
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<kares[m]> hmm I tried running `../jruby/bin/jruby -S rake rails:test_sqlite3` on AR-JDBC master but the AR tests do not boot due a migration format error
<kares[m]> enebo: is that ^^^ suite smt you are running locally?
<enebo[m]> headius: I have not
<enebo[m]> kares: I check out rails to tag and set RAILS and I do not see that
<enebo[m]> JRUBY_OPTS="-Xlog.exceptions -d -Xbacktrace.style=raw --dev" RAILS=`pwd`/../rails jrake rails:test_sqlite3 --trace
<enebo[m]> That was my last run command-line
<enebo[m]> alias jrake='jruby -S rake'
<MegaloiKonstanti> <headius> "I don't have my computer in..." <- Sorry for incredibly late reply, but where's the issue tracker? Git or on the website?
<kares[m]> oh meh - had an unchecked test file lying around in the Rails repo ...
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<headius> oops
<headius> byteit101: I will run your examples this weekend eyeing a Monday post!
<byteit101[m]> Oh excellent!
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