<headius> Good morning!
<headius> enebo: did that get into 9.3 in any form?
<enebo[m]> headius: I merge 9.2 into 9.3 this morning
<headius> oh fancy
<enebo[m]> and that includes the followup PR which fixes the option name
<headius> ok so some of these bullets will be in both release notes
<enebo[m]> yeah
<enebo[m]> ok I guess we will be putting out .1
<enebo[m]> This is super annoying
<enebo[m]> I do 9.2 and 9.3 in different repos and in jruby-9.3 branch I did a git merge jruby-9.2 after doing a git pull
<enebo[m]> but because I never did a git pull in jruby-9.2 (in my jruby-9.3 copy of the repo) I did not get the last PRs
<enebo[m]> headius: ^
<enebo[m]> I guess the good news is this is only for 9.3.5
<enebo[m]> So we either do or and mention the miss merge
<headius> enebo: oh bother
<headius> so you only got part of 9.2 fixes
<enebo[m]> well if that. It is not like we do much active dev on 9.2
<headius> I guess we just should do 9.3.6 and mention the miss
<enebo[m]> My brain ALWAYS thinks a git pull pulls all branches
<headius> yeah that is a little counterintuitive
<enebo[m]> ok yeah I will redo this. I just did the merge and even updated it already to
<enebo[m]> cool
<enebo[m]> going to eat lunch and do this when I get back
<headius> ok
<headius> will you reverify 9.3 with the fixes?
<enebo[m]> headius: yeah.
<headius> most of these 9.3 things are one-offs so not many notes
<headius> if any other issues seem worth mentioning let me know
<enebo[m]> back
<headius> yay
<enebo[m]> well things look good again
<headius> that's good
<enebo[m]> So back to all bits up but recently released maven artifacts. local tests ok. I need to finish updating the release posts on web site repo
<enebo[m]> When that is done I think we will hopefully see stuff on maven and we can do final notifications/container updates
<headius> ok
<headius> if 9.2.21 is fully out I can do tweets etc
<enebo[m]> all bits are there but we do not have a post out on website
<enebo[m]> I am doing both in same push
<headius> ok
<headius> byteit101: gonna craft a tweet now
<byteit101[m]> oh yay!
<headius> what's your twitter handle again?
<headius> byteit101: ^
<headius> I can leave it off if you prefer
<headius> well I'll go with full name and we can add your info to the post if you like
<byteit101[m]> Oh sorry, I have none
<headius> no worries! Tweet is out!
<byteit101[m]> yay!
<headius> enebo: release notes on site don't include issue list
<headius> and the 9.3.6 page seems to miss links for some issues
<headius> latter looks like my fault
<headius> oh I see
<headius> they were from the 9.2 notes but I did not copy the links
<headius> enebo: added three links at the bottom here if you can re-push site quick: https://gist.github.com/headius/c0c543bfd9762a283e01d9d2ac6a6c93
<headius> look at raw
<headius> add to 9.3 notes on site
<headius> I am working through 9.2.21 announcements
<enebo[m]> ok I sent emails already
<headius> I think people can figure it out
<enebo[m]> changes pushed
<headius> I should have checked formatted version
<enebo[m]> emails do not have links
<headius> ok
<headius> I just took your issue lists and processed them a bit and forgot the 9.2.21 issues were not in the 9.3.6 list
<headius> stupid github not allowing multiple milestones
<enebo[m]> ah ok
<byteit101[m]> I can't believe I misspelled my own name
<headius> oh shoot I was wondering about that but thought I was wrong before
<headius> I went with what was on the post
<headius> sorry I should have verified
<byteit101[m]> Yea, and I left off an E
<byteit101[m]> gH name is correct, PR incoming
<headius> ok
<headius> you can just push the updated page
<byteit101[m]> pushed
<byteit101[m]> It's one of the common misspellings too, so I must not have looked at it too closely
<byteit101[m]> Looks better now
<headius> ok, I did a correction tweet also
<headius> enebo: gonna grab some late lunch and then I will do the other socials and updates
<byteit101[m]> Thanks
<enebo[m]> ok GH releases out too
<enebo[m]> headius: ok
<headius> woot
<enebo[m]> goign to clear out the cobwebs and go for a run
<headius> enebo: I moved the 9.3.5 issues to 9.3.6 and deleted milestone
<enebo[m]> ah cool. thanks
<headius> ok FB, LI, and reddit posts are up
<headius> rvm, ruby-build, and ruby-versions updated, the last one has merged
<headius> docker hub PR pushed
<headius> I think that is everything
<headius> enebo: it looks like docker hub has marked the openjdk images as unsupported, and it won't accept the PR unless we update at least the jdk17 support to use something else
<headius> I guess we have to move to temurin now to get this release out
<headius> we chatted about this before but my idea of having any openjdk-base releases may be gone now due to Hub deprecating it
<headius> so I think Temurin (Adopt) is the way now
<headius> alternatively I could just switch 17 since that seems to be the only one that fails the official-images build
<enebo[m]> heh