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<hichhiker> do people use maven to build jruby projects/add dependencies?
<hichhiker> We have an aging project that did that, but the repo seems to be permanently down, so I was wondering what is the current way of managing dependencies with jRuby
<headius> Hello! So it is the gem server that you are missing
<headius> The feature you want to replace that with is mavengems, which works entirely on the client side and fetches gems directly from RubyGems.org
<hichhiker> yeah, seems like our setup used torquebox.org - which is gone ☚ī¸
<hichhiker> We tried mavengems but it did not work initially, and I did not try harder 😕 If that is commonly used, will try again
<headius> JRuby itself uses that to pull down gems we ship
<headius> We kept that server running for a while but there's no need for it anymore. Unfortunately we've done a poor job of communicating the new way
<hichhiker> Will definitely try it again
<headius> Yeah I hope that gets you up and working again! Let us know if you run into any issues
<hichhiker> To be clear, we are talking about this: https://github.com/jruby/mavengem/tree/master/mavengem-wagon
<headius> That's it
<hichhiker> Ok, will try it again. Thank you.
<headius> The JRuby build is a little weird but you can look at that for some tips (maybe look at the XML instead of the .rb polyglot maven stuff that generates them)
<hichhiker> hmm, I am missing something, not seeing any references to `mavengem` in JRuby's pom file....
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<headius> try lib/pom.*
<headius> we pull them to populate the Ruby standard library under lib
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