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<enebo[m]> kares: 2022-05-25T12:43:07.316-05:00 [main] INFO TraceType : Exception raised: NoMethodError : undefined method `value_for_database' for [:async, false]:Array
<enebo[m]> Have no idea if this is real or significant (debugging newest kwargs changes) but I turned on exception logging while running rails:test_sqlite3 and I see this fairly often
<enebo[m]> The unit tests are broad so we maybe never do this for real but I thought it looked interesting
<kares[m]> Looks weird turn on backtrace logging as well to examine where's it coming from
<kares[m]> indeed might be worth an investigation, I am only on phone now
<enebo[m]> This could just be my branch too. I should go back to master and see if I still see it
<enebo[m]> JRUBY_OPTS="-Xlog.exceptions -d -Xbacktrace.style=raw --dev"
<enebo[m]> but I was logging
<kares[m]> -Xlog.backtraces
<enebo[m]> oh yeah :)
<enebo[m]> ok I will pop over to master to see
<enebo[m]> This looks real
<enebo[m]> I just noticed it is taking async: false and thinking it is binds param
<enebo[m]> but I would be happy if it is a new kwargs bug
<enebo[m]> I may be hitting peak JRUBY_OPTS 😀
<enebo[m]> JRUBY_OPTS="-Xlog.exceptions -Xlog.backtraces -d -Xbacktrace.style=raw -Xreify.classes -X+C"
<enebo[m]> wow this may not only be real but common
<enebo[m]> our log() in core.rb is getting kwargs for async and passing them into binds param and then not loving not getting actual binds
<enebo[m]> We might even be throwing 1 exception per query :)
<enebo[m]> Well it does happen but it never happens in our benchmark (and specifically one which would use binds)
<enebo[m]> I am confused why this is eating the exception though. The bad binds value is getting processed by being wrapped into a lambda and saved. Later on it will notice we have some binds to validate and then it executes that lambda. I see nothing which would catch a NoMethodError and continue on its merry way
<enebo[m]> I would say we definitely have a mismatch on log vs current Rails so there's that
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