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<MegaloiKonstanti> I have installed JDK 17 about 3 times now and I keep getting the same error when I try and install
<MegaloiKonstanti> 'The JVM found at [Path] is damaged. Please reinstall or define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JRE'
<headius> What platform agree you on?
<headius> s/agree/are/
<MegaloiKonstanti> Windows
<headius> Where did you download that JDK? That is a very unusual error!
<headius> Seems like maybe our executable needs a 32-bit JVM on your system
<MegaloiKonstanti> It's in C:Program Files, so it's installing to the regular place
<headius> You get that error running JRuby yes?
<MegaloiKonstanti> The installler
<headius> Ah I see
<headius> enebo: you ever seen this?
<enebo[m]> EXE4J?
<enebo[m]> headius: hmm nope. Looks like something is messing with the installer
<enebo[m]> but java cannot install because it cannot find java?
<enebo[m]> I do notice Oracle only offers 64 bit Java
<headius> Megaloi Konstantinos: what hardware platform are you on? It is surprising that you would be in Windows and not on a 64-bit system
<headius> enebo: unless the installer requires 32-bit and we didn't notice because they used to ship with both?
<headius> oh we do have two downloads, I forgot about that
<headius> Megaloi Konstantinos: you probably downloaded the 32-bit installer, there's also a 64-bit version on