<headius> Good morning!
<basshelal[m]> Good morning 😊
<headius> ooo might have green handle_interrupt today
<headius> woot, green, and I think I have the last spec fixed
<headius> grabbing some lunch while CI chews on it
<headius> All green and all specs untagged
<headius> TIL Kernel#p is uninterruptible on CRuby
_whitelogger has joined #jruby
<headius> changes in PR to support uninterruptible Kernel#p have also added a few functional interfaces to Block: Function, BiFunction, and TriFunction, which use Block#call forms
<headius> I think we had never added these because of the question of whether to use yield or call but call seems like the right choice now
<headius> I have pushed all changes and all relevant tests and specs are now passing and untagged
<headius> lopex: any luck on that issue?
<headius> Needed one more tweak but it's going green again. Will merge shortly and then see where we stand on remaining 9.3 items
<headius> This was the last or one of the last big items I had to do
<lopex[m]> headius: not yet, havent got a chance to look at it
<headius> enebo I have punted a few more issues and PRs to 9.3.1 and 9.4. We are down to 15 open items
<headius> Two major categories are prepends and some autoload edge cases that I will review
<enebo[m]> nice. I started looking at a prepend bug last week but did not make any headway....wondering how much we should punt on any issues which have been broken for a while
<headius> Yeah I don't know
<headius> Issues with a real-world breakage would take priority obviously