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<headius> Jason van Zyl: hey there, you found the channel
<headius> assuming you mean GraalVM Native Image, the experiments are on hold but I was able to POC some changes to JRuby to let it start up, parse code, and run in a native binary
<headius> it only runs interpreted because there's no way to load new bytecode into a native image, but it should be natural to extend the POC to precompile all Ruby code into the image
<headius> re: your questions about maven and Christian... I believe he is still around but after so many years we are largely fending for ourselves. I fear the day when we have a critical problem with the release artifact builds and can't get any help untangling the mess we have right now
<headius> there are also many support plugins based on JRuby that have needed attention, such as updating to a newer version of JRuby, and those updates have not happened and we do not have push rights for those artifacts
<headius> enebo: you might want to review https://github.com/jnr/jnr-ffi/pull/254 also
<headius> it's attempting to fix string terminator handling when the native encoding is not ascii-compat
<headius> the code seems ok to me but another person doing a read through would be good
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<enebo[m]> I did not spend very much on indexOf but otherwise it looks good to me
<headius> ok
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<postmodern> when did jruby switch from jruby-bin-X.Y.Z.tar.gz to jruby-dist-X.Y.Z-bin.tar.gz archive names?
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<postmodern> hmm appears to have changed when jruby switched to releasing from maven.org.