dnkl changed the topic of #foot to: Foot - fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator || 1.16.2 || https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot || channel logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/foot
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<k-man> brocellous: and it's gone
<k-man> fucking wikipedia
<brocellous> lol
<k-man> i've noticed this before. wikipedia is no longer editable by mortals
<k-man> if you make a change it gets reverted almost imediately
<k-man> i mean you can edit it - but your edit will be reverted
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<NickH> I just reverted the revert!
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<k-man> revert war!
<k-man> perhaps foot needs it's own page first?
<k-man> plus countless people all writing blog posts and linking to the wiki page and foot home page
<k-man> they will just pull rank on you and lock the page
<k-man> or ban you from editing it or something imo
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<dongle> i ssh from foot to tmux for irc and noticed links in irc are not underlined. the links are underlined in gnome-terminal but not foot. any ideas?
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<armin> dongle: you ssh from foot to tmux!?
<armin> okay
<armin> that sounds weird, but okay.
<armin> so you ssh to a remote host, and on that remote host, there you have some tmux, and you want to attach that.
<armin> underlining links is a very terminal emulator specific thing.
<armin> i don't know if foot is even able to do that by default or if you need to patch it for that do do that.
<dongle> i am going to try kitty armin
<armin> :(
<dongle> no?
<armin> why? foot should be the better choice i think.
<armin> kitty is slow in comparison :)
<armin> i mean i'm not here to talk against your choices or something. :)
<dongle> ok
<armin> but meh, foot is one of the best terminal emulators i ever tried, daniel is ultra helpful, too
<armin> i think you should at least try to use it
<dongle> i just want to at least be able to copy links in irc to open them in firefox
<dongle> i cant copy paste links in foot
<armin> what *EXACTLY
<armin> what *EXACTLY* do you want? being able to hold a modifier key like ctrl/alt/win and THEN hovering the link and just left-click it?
<armin> or do you need that link in your clipboard so you can modify it further?
<armin> do you want to *open* that link or *copy* that link?
<armin> etc. etc. :)
<dongle> in gnome terminal i could right click cop link
<dongle> just copy
<armin> i didn't use gnome-terminal in 7 years or so.
<armin> ah
<armin> hmmmmmmmmm
<dongle> i am trying to go sway all the way
<dongle> oh
<dongle> all i have to do is ctrl+shift+c after i select the url in foot
<armin> dongle: hmmmm, well on wayland it all gets a bit crazy, i remember using sway with foot and have that working however
<armin> dongle: i'm on X11 currently, i admit it
<armin> (i sometimes use ooooooooooooooooooooold computers.)
<dongle> armin i'm not against X11
<dongle> just using wayland now
<armin> dongle: i'm not against wayland, either, i sometimes just use uh, both? :)
<dongle> right heh
<armin> i love to experiment with UIs :)
<armin> but still
<armin> i once spot a bug in foot
<armin> something about the cursor outline rendering
<armin> daniel fixed that within 3 hours or something!?
<dongle> cool
<armin> o.O
<armin> i've rarely ever seen something that fast
<armin> and honestly, foot is super great software, i love to use that thing
<armin> cool stuff
<armin> and then there's a place on libera just for this thing even, i mean that's totally cool, we use the same terminal emulator
<dongle> i've got everything working just getting used to it
<armin> i love that <3
<armin> hehe
<armin> yea there are 2 terminals i love: st and foot.
<dongle> never heard of st
<armin> it's that suckless X11 terminal thing...
<dongle> simple terminal
<dongle> or suckless terminal
<armin> at some point i used ultra lightweight software on a very fast computer
<armin> and realized "oh wow, stuff can be almost instant!?"
<armin> you know, the idea of latency-free computing?
<dongle> sure
<armin> i understand that's a bit crazy, but at some point it became a fascination, or a dream?
<armin> using a computer without any latency whatsoever, i mean wouldn't that be cool?
<armin> and it turns out, once you turn to minimal, that is ALMOST 100% possible.
<dongle> right on
<armin> and that is: terminal based software, command line, minimalism, that kind of stuff.
<armin> you can get really really close to realtime computing with a recent computer. it's so nice.
<armin> foot plays a large role in that game, yes.
<armin> on sway, foot was like "ok, waaaaiiiiiiiiit a second bro..."
<armin> crazy speed.
<armin> mind-blowing, actually.
<armin> and i'm living for this "you hit alt-return, you want a terminal right in front of you, RIGHT NOW." thing, yes.
<dongle> i like minimal
<armin> yes.