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<Eli26> Hello, please can anyone tell me how to eneit the foot.ini so the terminal starts in a coner of the screen insted of the center?
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<dnkl> Eli26: Wayland applications cannot position themselves. It's entirely up to the compositor
<Eli26> Ok, thanks for the answer. God Bless!
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<ayushnix> Hi! I was wondering if there are still significant differences between foot and foot-direct
<ayushnix> the infocmp output isn't really decipherable for me
<ayushnix> I was made aware of application synchronized updates a few days ago by the dev and I want to know if the foot terminfo supports it
<dnkl> ayushnix: foot-direct is for 24-bit color support in a few select applications (older versions of emacs being the only one I'm aware of).
<dnkl> most applications use 24-bit colors just fine with the regular foot terminfo
<dnkl> app synchronized updates are in "our" terminfos, but not the ones provided by ncurses
<dnkl> (the capability is called "Sync")
<dnkl> on arch, that means "foot" and "foot-direct" does not have Sync, as they are provided by ncurses, but foot-extra and foot-extra-direct (from the foot-terminfo package) does have it
<dnkl> foot-extra and foot-extra-direct may be called something else on other distros
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<ayushnix> ah, missed the foot-terminfo package in the arch repos
<ayushnix> thanks dnkl
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