dnkl changed the topic of #foot to: Foot - fast, lightweight and minimalistic Wayland terminal emulator || 1.16.2 || https://codeberg.org/dnkl/foot || channel logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/foot
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<Guest38> hi all
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<rrogalski> why do the colors need to change every release :)
<rrogalski> and font size too ig
<armin> :)
<armin> rrogalski: i can so well understand you, but hey, that's the 2 things i would expect anyone to at least try changing. :)
<armin> rrogalski: color schemes are nice, there's more than 1, people have uhm preferences or something?
<armin> rrogalski: changing that, yea, another thing, but hm, some people change it once a year, others multiple times a day, it just differs.
<armin> oooooooh i'm just chatty, hello <3
<rrogalski> :D. I wasn't a huge fan of the default colors like 4 years ago, but I got used to them. (as changing the colors to TTY colors, what I was used to, was ugly in foot). as you can tell, I'm kinda resistant to change :)
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<Arnavion> First thing I did after switching from alacritty to foot was to replicate alacritty's color scheme. And even that was an older alacritty scheme from before they did their own "let's change the default color scheme for no reason but to annoy people" change
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