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<cruxbridge> <tim> blackfrog78: could you create a ticket upstream at utill-linux about it?
<blackfrog78> I am not sure if util-linux with its pam_lastlog2 is the right place to fix it. /bin/login from the shadow port can write a wtmp entry under some circumstances (no pam) as ukky wrote. I just tried a more recent version of shadow (4.15.2) but it seemed to behave the same. Maybe I should report it to shadow upstream?
<cruxbridge> <tim> sure, maybe thats the better place
<cruxbridge> <tim> cheers, let's see then :)
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<ppetrov^> some how a got a bunch of gcc files (e.g. usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/12.4.0/plugin/) already present _before_ gcc is updated
<ppetrov^> is it possible that they were not installed only to $PKG but directly (at package build time)?
<blackfrog78> ppetrov^: Did you need to use pkgadd -f to update the gcc package? I could update it without pkgadd -f.
<ppetrov^> i had to use the -f option, yes
<ppetrov^> otherwise it complained about a bunch of files already present
<blackfrog78> When I did the update to gcc 12.4.0 yesterday this was not the case for me.
<cruxbridge> <tim> for me neither on either host so far
<remiliascarlet> Why not use Clang instead? Works pretty much the same as GCC, and you'll be just as miserable compiling Clang as you would be compiling GCC.
<ppetrov^> remiliascarlet, because a lot of ports require gcc?
<remiliascarlet> Or consider using a compiler that doesn't suck, like scc or tcc, even if it means that 99% of the ports will be uncompilable, because these compilers demand your code is correct.
<remiliascarlet> ppetrov^: Symlink GCC to Clang to make pkgadd shut the fuck up about having to install GCC first.
<ppetrov^> just ln -s Clang to gcc?
<ppetrov^> actually I do not mind gcc itself, i was just wodering why the port behaves the way it does (here). That's all. nevermind, I used -f, so fuck it
<remiliascarlet> Yes. because if I remember correctly, CRUX simply looks at your /usr/bin directory, and doesn't otherwise care if it's actually installed or not.
<ppetrov^> gcc is partof core and I feel uncomfortable removing stuff from there
<ppetrov^> i also need gcc-fortran
<ppetrov^> a bunch of R stuff needs it
<blackfrog78> Maybe gcc-fortran installed the conflicting folders / files at first?
<ppetrov^> no idea
<ppetrov^> I removed gcc and installed it again with pkgadd and there were no issues. strange
<blackfrog78> The folder /usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/12.4.0/plugin is part of the .footprint of gcc. So it has been removed together with the port and then installed again. Did you update gcc-fortan before gcc? If yes this could indicate that gcc-fortran installed this folder dispite it being not part of its .footprint.
<ppetrov^> gcc-fortran was updated after, and it was fine
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