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<farkuhar> SiFuh: those stainless steel screws that you keep ordering ... does the net weight of the boxes vary as much as the count of individual screws?
<SiFuh> They are not in boxes, tiny sealable bags. I reckon they hand counted them in groups of 5 since I only recieved 95. Rather than post me the remaining 5 they said they would refund me for the missing 5. I told them that was a stupid idea and better to just to send me 100 more and include the missing 5 on top.
<SiFuh> Also I have another 100 missing in the post somewhere. Haha
<farkuhar> okay, you order in batches that are supposed to contain 100 screws, but sometimes a batch arrives with only 95. Hand-counting in groups of 5 would explain such a discrepancy, but isn't it also possible that they just put the bag on a scale and filled it until a certain weight was reached?
<SiFuh> You order a single screw and a single nut so I ordered 100 screws of M4x8 and 100 screws of M4x10. The M4x8 had 95 and the M4x10 is lost in the post
<SiFuh> farkuhar: Should be like that. We do this with coins in Australia. I don't have a sensitive enough scale to test if the screws are the exact weight but they should be.
<farkuhar> I suppose the merchant didn't bother to pay for shipping insurance, with the M4x10 screws that got lost.
<farkuhar> But as you said, good thing you are in control of releasing the payment.
<SiFuh> That master/slave crap is getting worse. Now they want to add American as an offensive word to the list
<SiFuh> Beyond the joke
<SiFuh> farkuhar: Yeah they are stainless steel button head screws they call them. Use an Allen key on them. I then ordered another 100 stainless steel screws but with Philips head. Told them to chuck in the missing 5 button heads
<SiFuh> Never can have too many screws laying around :-)
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<ppetrov^> SiFuh, what do you need the screws for?
<SiFuh> I am replacing all the hinges on my greenhouse because they are all rusting and so are the screws that hold everything together. Very pissed off about it because the wife hired contractors to do the job and they are idiots
<SiFuh> Stainless steel on an Aluminium frame should last a longer that what these clowns did. Not even 4 weeks to rust it out
<SiFuh> *a bit longer than*
<ppetrov^> i see
<SiFuh> Yep, way too many shortcuts. Also noticed way to many screw holes under one hinge. So I am going to install threaded rivets. I am not sure what they are called but we call them threaded rivets
<SiFuh> These things
<SiFuh> I have Stainless and Aluminium of these
<SiFuh> I have a greenhouse because i like chilli. Chilli plants in Malaysia get decimated by pests and diseases pretty quickly. Monsoon season can drown them as well. The super quick shift in temperature shocks them.
<SiFuh> One unexpected pest that destroyed my entire garden were millipedes. So I have been vacuuming the garden every night. Now that the greenhouse has been raised the millipede removal is essential. When they run out of water they go for the roots of the plants
<SiFuh> Chilli trees are not a fan of too much water
<ppetrov^> millipedes, brr
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<SiFuh> ppetrov^: millipedes are great for composting but when you have so many they cover the enter bed of your garden like a carpet then you have way too much.
<ppetrov^> stop
<ppetrov^> :D
<SiFuh> You afraid of them?
<ppetrov^> not my favourite animal
<SiFuh> But they aren't even dangerous
<ppetrov^> i like the faina of the north more
<SiFuh> You are not confusing them with centipedes?
<ppetrov^> apart from mosquitoes
<ppetrov^> hmm
<ppetrov^> let me check
<ppetrov^> bleh, i see the difference, but still..
<SiFuh> centipedes are carinivores and millipedes are decaying vegetation eaters
<ppetrov^> faina -> fauna
<SiFuh> Yeah, I understood that
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: Here is a story for you. I was asleep and heard clicking noises on the floor I usually sleep on. Fortunately I was in a bed that day. I crawled to the end of the bed to see a centipede like a freight train. No exgeration, even though they will say impossible. This thing was like 1 inch in diameter and over a meter long. It was so big it crawled into a hole to escape my house and got stuck.
<SiFuh> That was in Khon Kaen in North East Thailand
<ppetrov^> >1m long? eh come on man
<SiFuh> Yep, it was definately longer than a meter
<ppetrov^> don't they get like up to 25-30 cm?
<SiFuh> Depends, but this thing was so big, I could hear it walking when I was sleeping that it woke me up
<ppetrov^> North East Thailand
<SiFuh> Floor was concrete with vinyl (lino)
<ppetrov^> i guess i do not intend to go there
<SiFuh> It is consider impossible, but I consider it a freak of nature
<ppetrov^> you sure it was not a snake?
<SiFuh> Snokes don't have that many legs or segments.
<ppetrov^> heh
<SiFuh> Besides I catch snakes all the time
<ppetrov^> good point
<SiFuh> Spent pretty much every chance I could get growing up messing around in the jungle and forests when I was a kid. Lifted every stone, pealed off so much bark. Always hunting for new life.
<SiFuh> I have found on multiple occasions onychophoran
<ppetrov^> had to google that one
<SiFuh> Yeah, they are rare. I don't know anyone besides my siblings and parents whom have ever seen them
<SiFuh> All were found by me except one. My twin sister found one in the water in the gutter and pulled it out and came running to me to verify if she had found one.
<SiFuh> To be honest, most animals are not that scary. I'd be more afraid of confronting a/an hippopotamus than a snake in my sleeping bag.
<SiFuh> And the fear of spiders is just stupid in my opinion
<ppetrov^> heh
<ppetrov^> i don't have a phobia
<ppetrov^> simply i am not used to animals from the tropics, let's put it this way
<SiFuh> I noticed that about the people in Kyrgyzstan when I was living there
<ppetrov^> also, i hate hot weather, so i guess i won't have problem with such animals
<ppetrov^> what, the kyrgiz people hate tropical animals, spiders and such?
<SiFuh> Although I will never forget that day I threw a spider out of my window from floor five. I watched it fall and about floor 3 there was a guy with his head out the window smoking a cigarette and it landed on his head. One of the funniest things I'd seen in years
<ppetrov^> not for him, i guess
<SiFuh> Yeah KG is in the mountains and it is a boring cold, desolute place compared to the jungles of Asia I am use to
<ppetrov^> boring cold, desolute
<ppetrov^> heh
<ppetrov^> cold has its charm
<SiFuh> And super ugly birds
<ppetrov^> eh, if you compare them to the birds of paradise, yes, they will seem ugly
<SiFuh> They looked like black and white dirty crows
<ppetrov^> heh
<SiFuh> Some of the Birdos of Paradise are toxic though
<SiFuh> Toxic to handle that is
<ppetrov^> toxic?
<ppetrov^> the birds?
<ppetrov^> there's a plant called like this, which is toxic iirc
<SiFuh> Yeah, I remember back in the 90's the discovered certain birds in Papua New Guinea to be toxic to handle. Then a mad race of ornythologists around the world went out searching for other species of toxic birds
<ppetrov^> hm
<SiFuh> Anyway, millipedes are nothing. I just pick them up and throw them out. Centipedes do look creepy though. As for anything else. I care not, unless it considers me dinner. A spider/snake will not consider me dinner.
<SiFuh> Been attacked by scorpions a few times. Pretty painful. More painful than some of my spider bites
<ppetrov^> you have scorpions there?
<ppetrov^> yes, malaysian blue
<SiFuh> Scorpions are cover a very large portion of the planet. I haven't seen them in Malaysia yet, but in Thailand and Australia yes
<ppetrov^> seems lovely
<SiFuh> When I jog around 'plastic lake' in Khon Kaen, Thailand I use to hear them being crushed by feet. Some were bigger than my hand. I also seen some that have legs and tail as thin as human hair and can run like 60 KPH
<SiFuh> In Australia (Because I sleep on the floor) they would often find warmth near me. So this became a problem.
<SiFuh> Feels like a bee sting at first. Then it feels like your blood is full of razor sharp metal slicing your skin and veins. Can last over a day.
<jaeger> On the flip side, I saw a teeny tiny scorpion in Belize a few years ago. It was less than 1cm long
<SiFuh> If it was a full grown 1cm long scorpion then it could be the one that kills you.
<SiFuh> Hug scorpions are not deadly. But fully grown small body sized are considered lethal.
<jaeger> No idea if it was fully grown, I just noted it and moved on
<SiFuh> My first was when the cleaning rag was placed on my arm. It was about 1cm or less and I will never forget it. It was 1988!
<SiFuh> Fortunately it was only a baby
<SiFuh> jaeger: The state you live scorpions are suppose to be common.
<jaeger> Perhaps, but very rare to see them where I live
<SiFuh> Top of a sky scraper?
<jaeger> Nope, just a normal area inside the city
<SiFuh> I guess my bedroom has more life then
<jaeger> There are many critters here including snakes, spiders, and some small lizards, but I rarely see a scorpion
<ppetrov^> SiFuh, why do you sleep on the flooe?
<SiFuh> 4 geckoes on the window. Bugs everywhere. Blood worms in the bathroom. I do have a lot of plants in my room though
<ppetrov^> it's colder?
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: Comfortable. My wife is trying to train herself to sit up and stand straight because she notices I do all the time. She says it is painful. I said you will get use to it.
<ppetrov^> no mattress at all?
<SiFuh> Yuck
<ppetrov^> heh
<SiFuh> Mattresses are disgusting
<SiFuh> I put a blanket on the floor and sleep on that
<ppetrov^> heh
<SiFuh> Damn! Just reminded me of Crocodile Dundee when he was in NY
<ppetrov^> Each to his own.
<SiFuh> No beds in the Jungle man
<SiFuh> In Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Thailand sleeping my way is common
<SiFuh> I also saw similar in Myanamar, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos
<SiFuh> Many of Tamil friends say it is common in India and Bangladesh as well. My Japanese friends say it is similar there but they have slightly raised beds
<ppetrov^> ye
<ppetrov^> futons
<SiFuh> Yeah so the centipedes don't bite them ;-)
<ppetrov^> for sure
<SiFuh> I actually prefer the futons by the way
<SiFuh> I like waking up without bugs in my bed ;-)
<ppetrov^> hey, we have this in common
<SiFuh> Or Malaysian Tigers
<ppetrov^> nice
<SiFuh> Unless on your futon
<ppetrov^> yep
<ppetrov^> k, i go no. Night
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<joacim> oh nice some drama