jaeger changed the topic of #crux to: CRUX 3.7 | Homepage: https://crux.nu/ | Ports: https://crux.nu/portdb/ https://crux.ninja/portdb/ | Logs: https://libera.irclog.whitequark.org/crux/
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: dracut: updated to version 059
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: docker-compose: updated to version 2.14.2
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<SiFuh> farkuhar: Thanks. I will look into that
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<ppetrov^> hooray, my repo is in portdb!
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: influxdb: 2.6.0 -> 2.6.1
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-icalendar: 5.0.3 -> 5.0.4
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-sphinx: 5.3.0 -> 6.0.0
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: python3-tox: 4.0.19 -> 4.1.1
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: texlab: 4.3.2 -> 5.0.0
<cruxbot> [opt.git/3.7]: hunspell: 1.7.1 -> 1.7.2
<cruxbot> [xorg.git/3.7]: mesa: 22.3.1 -> 22.3.2
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: mesa-32: 22.3.1 -> 22.3.2
<cruxbot> [compat-32.git/3.7]: sqlite3-32: 3.40.0 -> 3.40.1
<cruxbot> [contrib.git/3.7]: tre-command: fixed source
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<ppetrov^> jaeger, for the record... my email is "slackalaxy at gmail dot com", not "ppetrov at gmail dot com"
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: I didn't even bother including an email. I just sent them to IRC through the Pkgfile.
<SiFuh> Do you think you can register ppetrov at gmail dot com :-) ?
<ppetrov^> not at all
<ppetrov^> my name is so common, it's ridiculous
<SiFuh> Okay Ppetrov Mohammad Smith
<SiFuh> I chose to keep my email off the list, better to be disturbed on IRC I feel.
<ppetrov^> eh, ppetrov is a combination of my first name + family name
<ppetrov^> anyway, not important
<SiFuh> It was easily guessable ;-)
<ppetrov^> it is
<ppetrov^> especially if you speak a Slavic language
<SiFuh> Kind of a small high right now. Two days ago I finished making a/an 100 litre pot-distiller which just assists in erasing 12 days of distilling to just 5
<ppetrov^> congratulations
<SiFuh> Yes, produces distillate at 2 litres an hour instead of 2 litres every 3 hours.
<SiFuh> And higher proof
<SiFuh> ppetrov^: I like the slavi languages
<SiFuh> slavic*
<ppetrov^> heh, it depends what you listen to
<SiFuh> Well obviosouly not Ukrainian
<ppetrov^> obviously?
<SiFuh> No spell checker on irssi
<SiFuh> I tried two times to spell it and just thought screw that
<SiFuh> No excuse really since my fingers are not bandaged or taped lik ethe were last week.
<ppetrov^> np
<SiFuh> To be honest, I consider it a problem. I smash the enter before I even review.
<SiFuh> New years is tonight here
<SiFuh> Wonder if this year, will I be awake for it. Haha
<ppetrov^> have a nice New Year's eve
<SiFuh> I usually miss it by sleeping
<ppetrov^> and it still comes
<SiFuh> Like a curse
<SiFuh> If I ran the 50 litre today I may still be awake, but I want to delay that until sometime next week before I go to KL
<jaeger> ppetrov^: oops, must have had my brain off, I'll fix it
<ppetrov^> np, would've been nice to have such email... :P
<jaeger> Looks like I had it right on one of them but not the other
<ppetrov^> well, the 4th column at portdb (maintainer) lists ppetrov at ...
<ppetrov^> that's all
<jaeger> I mean it was correct on the unofficial portdb but incorrect on the main one
<ppetrov^> ah
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<frinnst> btrfs-progs 6.1 has a bug: https://github.com/kdave/btrfs-progs/issues/562 - patch available (I think, untested)
<frinnst> breaks btrbk backups
<frinnst> shitty slow microserver. struggles with speeds above 1gbit