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<mithro> Does the idea of amaranth (and/or cxxrtl) support in https://github.com/Kuree/hgdb // https://hgdb.dev/ make sense?
<whitequark> interesting
<whitequark> I'll take a look at this; it seems more relevant to cxxrtl
<mithro> I found it via looking at the author of https://github.com/Kuree/fsim (who was posting about wanting a SystemVerilog simulation test suite on https://github.com/chipsalliance/sv-tests/issues/2522)
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<shaiku> What is the proper way to install amaranth-boards? I can install it from pip but when I try any of the examples I always get "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'amaranth_boards'"
<vup> how did you install it with pip?
<vup> the pypi one is just a placeholder currently
<vup> I think something like `pip install git+https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards.git` should work
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<whitequark> yeah
<shaiku> I initially did pip install amaranth-boards. Just did pip install git+https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards.git#egg=amaranth-boards and that worked :)
<shaiku> Can somebody put that at the bottom of this page real quick? https://amaranth-lang.org/docs/amaranth/latest/install.html
<whitequark> it's not really how it should be happening
<shaiku> That plus the "editable snapshot" instructions would finish out the install section.
<whitequark> and the steps are already explained for Amaranth itself
<shaiku> I'm sure that it's common-sense to you but there is no documentation whatsoever and I just expected pip install nmigen-boards to work (been failing at this since before the amaranth rename)
<whitequark> I'd much rather make that actually work than document the workaround
<shaiku> 30 seconds to document something that actually works or more months? years? of a blank TODO frustrating n00bs such as myself. Isn't it the case that all three methods of installation are valid but only one of them is not working at the moment? Why not document this.
<whitequark> because I'd rather get pinged every time someone hits this, honestly
<whitequark> (also, two out of three work for amaranth-boards, not one; you almost certainly want the editable snapshot and not the git+https:// installation)
<shaiku> two out of the three work -- that is exactly what I said when I phrased it "only one of them is not working" Well have it your way then :) I was just trying to help improve the project in a small way. Thanks for the help! Glad to finally get the boards installed properly.
<whitequark> oh, sorry, I misread
<whitequark> so there's no fundamental problem with making an amaranth-boards release, it's just not clear what the versioning scheme is supposed to be like
<whitequark> if you'd like, you can kick off that discussion by opening an issue on amaranth-boards
<vup> (or probably comment on the RFC: https://github.com/amaranth-lang/amaranth-boards/issues/128 )
<whitequark> oh, right, there's one
<vup> heh
<Degi> Hmm, is "Make sure that every board uses only non-overlapping pins in resources." compatible with like having single ended vs differential PMOD for example? Since that requires different resource instantiation
<d1b2> <dragonmux> yes, the rule it creates is that you can only request one of the two versions of the resource at a time or Amaranth will give you errors saying where you went wrong
<d1b2> <dragonmux> the non-overlapping property is only enforced at request time
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<Degi> Ah I see
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