azonenberg changed the topic of ##openfpga to: Open source tools for FPGAs, CPLDs, etc. Silicon RE, bitfile RE, synthesis, place-and-route, and JTAG are all on topic. Channel logs:
<implr> Hammdist: you can skip the xilinx fsbl and replace it with uboot spl now
<implr> i thiink the uboot build process can even generate the boot.bin? but at this point there is ~no xilinx code there anyway
<implr> oh, except the vivado generated ps7_init_gpl* files, you need to copy those over
<Hammdist> ok cool that sounds reasonable. had a look at that file and it's GPL, which I guess is no harm since u-boot itself is GPL
<Hoernchen_> so.. is a full open source toolchain for xilinx actually feasible now?
<Hammdist> Hoernchen_: I asked that too. Haven't got a definitive answer yet but it seems so. I will probably get my board by the end of this week or early next week and then I shall see what is possible for myself ...
<Hammdist> what I find really awesome is this: if I'm reading this right, I can write a payload for u-boot and some verilog code and test their communication all on the desktop before any JTAG fiddling
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