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<mgorny> they lgtm, at a quick look
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<mattip> ok, merged the PR and the tarballs are up. I wll message pypy-dev as well
<LarstiQ> release email received \o/
<mattip> darn, I missed that issue 3880 is still relevant for users on macos 10.14 Mojave
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<krono> Thanks for the release :)
<mattip> +1
<mgorny> just pushed to gentoo, thanks!
<mgorny> (also confirmed the dirty-equals fix again)
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<pellsson> hello. i am embedding pypy but it seems to segfault on all threads but the main one. i ran the attach function on the other thread
<pellsson> (pthreads)
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<tumbleweed> uploaded to debian too. And the PPA builds are almost done
<Alex_Gaynor> tumbleweed: not really related to that, but if something is in sid now, but not bookworm, is it likely to go into bookworm before its final? (this is for python3-cryptography)
<tumbleweed> Alex_Gaynor: yes
<Alex_Gaynor> great! thanks!
<tumbleweed> also \o/ cryptography 38
<Alex_Gaynor> 🎉
* tumbleweed should probably advise them on the cffi dependency bug
<tumbleweed> I suspect patching out the dependency is the correct thing there - I assume cryptography doesn't need the cffi build infra at runtime
<Alex_Gaynor> that's correct
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<vext01> is pycparser a missing dep?
<vext01> [translation:ERROR] ImportError: No module named pycparser
<vext01> (perhaps for pypy3 only?)
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<nimaje> wasn't that a dependency of cffi on cpython "pycparser >= 2.06: (automatically tracked by pip install cffi)."
<vext01> right
<vext01> i see what's gone wrong
<vext01> i'm trying to update OpenBSD's pypy to a python3 version, but they've since deleted all of the python2 packages
<vext01> so the cffi i have installed is for python3
<vext01> hrm, this doesn't bode well
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<vext01> pycparser is an unconditional dependency, right?
<vext01> rpython imports it at some point