cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<mgorny> fyi, found another 7.3.10 regression in dirty-equals package:
<mgorny> but tbh i have no clue how their magic is supposed to work
<mgorny> apparently they're doing <some bound method> != AnyThing, and expecting AnyThing.__ne__ to be called, or sth like that
<cfbolz> interesting
<nimaje> hm, iirc AnyThing.__ne__ should get called if <some bound method>.__ne__(AnyThing) returns NotImplemented, but no idea if cpython promises anything about the behaviour of these comparision functions for bound methods
<cfbolz> I did some interpreter speedup work in this general area, it's entirely believable I changed a weird corner case in the process
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