cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
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<mattip> pypy recieved $50 from "github sponsors", it seems they are distributing money to lots of different orgs
<mattip> I wonder what the criteria were for deciding the amounts
<mgorny> mattip: now you'll have to release pypy3.10 x)
<mattip> mgorny: :)
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<mattip> tumbleweed: I tried the ponyorm tests.
<mattip> We are missing CALL_METHOD_KW, and tests run 3x slower with PyPy
<LarstiQ> huh, a project not compatible with pytest
<tumbleweed> ah, right
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<mattip> we have CALL_METHOD_KW, but something in the way they use it doesn't work
<mattip> for NumPy, I have spent a few days optimizing a tight loop in C
<mattip> basically doing what the JIT does: eliding constants, creating specialized paths for different types
<mattip> too bad it is C and not Python :)
<tumbleweed> mattip: yeah, their bytecode thing is a bit suspect
<tumbleweed> they compile python to bytecode and decompile it to understand what it is doing and turn it into sql queries
<tumbleweed> but their "evaluation" loop makes some *big* assumptions about what's going on, and doesn't track stack usage very accurately
<tumbleweed> I helped port it to Python 3.11 (which is why it was on my mind) and there was a lot of confusion and hair-pulling in the process
<mattip> well, that means we are somehow not quite compatible with CPython when they handle CALL_METHOD_KW for python3.8
<tumbleweed> they may be making assumptions about the order of bytecode
<tumbleweed> i.e. some optimizations cpython / pypy does break their assumptions
<mattip> we pass most of the tests, I think only one failure is a success
<tumbleweed> yeah
<tumbleweed> my experience was thousands of them failing at a time
<Hodgestar> Are there lots more bytcode changes coming in Python 3.12?
<mattip> so far no
<mattip> here are the faster-cpython ideas though, so there may be more changes
<Hodgestar> Thanks!
<Hodgestar> I can't tell from that page what will actually be in 3.12. It's a mixture of very big projects (e.g. tracing JIT for CPython that can stitch traces together) and very small ones. The better calling convention seems nice. Maybe HPy could collaborate on the better calling convention somehow? Or at least give feedback. I know faster-python is likely mostly thinking about calling out to C code in CPython itself, but it would be good if extensions and HPy
<Hodgestar> could benefit too.
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<mattip> almost ready to release. Any comments to the release note or blog post are welcome
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