cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | the pypy angle is to shrug and copy the implementation of CPython as closely as possible, and staying out of design decisions
<tumbleweed> :P
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<mgorny> xD
<mgorny> don't worry, i'll just backport them to Gentoo, and call ourselves safer than official releases ;-)
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<cfbolz> I have certainly never seen this before?!: i86 = int_add_ovf(i70, ?)
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<arigato> random off-topic notes of me being annoyed at the internet: for our app we need at least some kind of TCP-like connection between various client devices and one server we control. how hard can it be? it's a complete mess
<arigato> the client devices are used in random places; e.g. one android device seems to drop secure-websocket connections after 1s but only if it is connected via a specific phone
<arigato> using plain sockets or plain websockets tend not to work, requiring the secure version in the first place, which is a nightmare every few months when the certificates update
<arigato> because for some reason we get certificates that sometimes Unity programs on some clients are not happy with
<arigato> at this point I'm looking for a library that solves this mess by including try-various-things, retry-if-connection-drops, and I don't care about security (it's easy to add my own on top, no need for certificates in this case, because all devices are connecting to a preexisting, preconfigured server)
<LarstiQ> I assume those devices are using their system certificates?
<arigato> I think so, yes
<arigato> I suppose it's too much to ask for a library that exists for Python and C#, and that is maintained to continue working with whatever new restrictions will show up next month in the name of security
<arigato> e.g. some android devices think nowadays that it's a good idea to prevent http connections completely
<arigato> or plain sockets
<arigato> I think
<arigato> (but plain sockets have other issues with half of the proxies around)
<LarstiQ> with Python requests iirc you can add certificates to the trust store so you don't need to depend on the system being kept up to date, I would assume C# has similar (Java does at least)
<arigato> ah
<arigato> and I guess there is no such thing as an API "please open this https using this certificate", there is only APIs that modify the local user's "store" which is some file somewhere?
<LarstiQ> I do think "using this certificate" is in essence what it does, no need to mutate what the user has
<arigato> ah, ``r =, data=data, verify='/path/to/public_key.pem')``
<LarstiQ> arigato: right
<arigato> we need working certificates anyway for the web page, but non-browsers seem more prone to complaining about them, so it may help, thanks
<arigato> (doesn't change the fact that if it works, I would prefer it to be done by a library as I said above, because next month there will be a different issue)
<arigato> (also, doesn't help in all cases, of course, like people behind some proxies)
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<LarstiQ> arigato: seems to be pretty good in NAT/proxy breakthrough iirc
<arigato> magic-wormhole is great, but it starts with a websocket connection to a well-known server, and that's already the part that we have trouble with
<LarstiQ> I'm currently out of ideas
<arigato> thanks so far :-)
<arigato> (and ah, I think I found the equivalent to "verify=" for C# websockets)
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