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<Corbin> cfbolz: I'm still working on my problem, but your suggestions have sped up my test by maybe 2x or so. I need to refactor my user-level code to allocate fewer lists now. Thanks again.
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<cfbolz> Cool
<mattip> I saw a tweet on the pypy feed about clair3 and pypy, so dug around a bit and found this
<mattip> "Without a change to the code, using PyPy python interpreter on some tensorflow independent modules such as ExtractVariantCandidates and CreateTensor gives a 5-10 times speed up"
<mattip> there was also a tweet about antocuni joining Anaconda
<LarstiQ> also notes "Tensorflow is optimized using Cython thus not compatible with pypy3"
<cfbolz> The successor project uses it too
<mattip> maybe we could get them to write a guest blog post. The documentation of Clair3 is quite domain specific
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