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<LarstiQ> arigato: does that mean it worked? :)
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<cfbolz> mattip: seems both are back
<mattip> yay
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<arigato> LarstiQ: nope
<arigato> I've tried 10 different things and it never works, now I'm down to this: I've got a complete disk backup of a machine, now I'd like to restart some docker process that was running on that machine
<arigato> this is not clean, and I'm also trying various stuff that are cleaner, but if anything could work, it would be great
<LarstiQ> arigato: what trouble did you run into with `docker commit`?
<LarstiQ> afaics this should work so to debug further I'd need some more context
<arigato> the "docker commit" was stuck and never finished
<arigato> the machine we're moving away from has got disk errors...
<LarstiQ> ah
<LarstiQ> how much is there in the container that's not in the image it is based on?
<arigato> probably everything?
<LarstiQ> oof
<arigato> I did manage yesterday a "docker export"
<arigato> and also, I've got a complete backup of the disk before troubles
<LarstiQ> ok, so recoverable if more work at least
<arigato> I think I just managed to start something, by peeling off layers and layers
<arigato> Ok, seems to be working! I started the export from yesterday, the trick was to pass 47 env vars on the command line to docker run, as printed by some command specific to the image
<fijal> should I update the buildbot again too? and move
<arigato> I think is not hosted by baroquesoftware at all
<arigato> (sorry for the delays, travelling)
<arigato> the old baroquesoftware machine is not rebooting at all
<arigato> I think it's a good idea to consider it not usable any more, even if we manage to get it back with a hard reset
<arigato> so the next question is, where should we run
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<arigato> the new baroquesoftware has got enough room for now, but the disk usage of all the logs and stuff grew to > 600GB over time
<arigato> I mean, the new baroquesoftware has got enough room provided we don't copy all the older logs, and that's maybe something we want to have instead
<mattip> the logs are less important than the nightly builds
<mattip> the nightly builds + the mirror directory are infrastructure used by github/azure CI to test projects against pypy
<mattip> since they are cached as
<arigato> right, but I guess that's the main part, all these nightly builds
<arigato> (sorry,
<arigato> *now* I've got my phone crashing, a problem never comes alone)
<cfbolz> arigato: for the nightly builds I wonder whether we can at least thin them out, eg keep a weekly one
<mattip> since the names have the hg commit count, maybe ones with "last-digit in [0, 5]", and keep all the "release*" onese
<arigato> sorry, a bit overwhelmed right now, I'm in a café with a crashed phone and I really need to leave and is off again
<mattip> good luck
<mattip> the ones that are critical from my perspective are the files mentioned in pypy/tool/release/versions.json, since those are the ones that can are pulled by CI
<fijal> can we get the downloads from the backup machine?
<fijal> (where the nightly builds go)
<mattip> umm, I don't think we have a backup of them. The nightly builds go to the buildbot
<mattip> I thought was a mirror, it turns out it was only a distribution mechanism off the buildbot disk
<arigato> Fijal: yes, maybe we can run the whole off the baroquesoftware backup machine, and later set up the new machine as the backup of that?
<arigato> what the hack, works fine from my phone but times out from my laptop
<arigato> ah OK, old DNS entry issue
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<fijal> mattip: do you have access to
<fijal> ?
<mattip> I can contact it with ssh, but it is asking for a password
<mattip> ahh, that is benchmarker (the machine running the benchmarks)
<mattip> so yes, I can reach it and login by using the right credentials
<fijal> mattip: can we use that to store backups of buildbot data?
<mattip> sure, makes sense
<fijal> ok
<mattip> there is a buildslave user there that is running the 32-bit buildbot worker
<fijal> that machine is exclusively for pypy use, it can do more I presume
<mattip> yes, much more
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<fijal> mattip: well, feel free
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