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<ctismer> mattip: whow, that is a big move. Is Anto still here, maybe integrating PyPy with Anaconda or Beeware stuff? 😉
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<antocuni> I'm still here, although I'm not doing much pypy nowadays
<antocuni> but part of my anaconda time will be spent on hpy
<cfbolz> antocuni: does that include hpy work on PyPy? Or not clear?
<ctismer> antocuni: hey, great to hear that, congrats and my best wishes! 🖖
<antocuni> cfbolz: I think I will have quite a bit a freedom, so it depends on my best judgement
<antocuni> which basically mean yes, I will also do a bit of pypy's hpy
<antocuni> ctismer: thanks!
<antocuni> btw, is anyone coming at PyCon DE next week?
<mattip> I made a bit of progress with 0.0.4: translating the branch and running the extra_test vendored tests now only segfaults towards the end
<mattip> in debug/test_handles_invalid
<mattip> there are still failures too of course
<antocuni> I'm still skeptical that this is the correct approach, i.e. to run translated tests first and then manually port what fails as apptests
<antocuni> the old approach of reusing the very same hpy tests as pypy app tests was more direct, IMHO
<antocuni> I tried to convince ronan, but unsuccesfully :)
cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | Matti: I made a bit of progress, the tests now only segfault towards the end
<cfbolz> (sorry, that was a great statement and too fun to pass on. I have no opinion on the approach)
<mattip> maybe we should have a short meeting to discuss it, but in the mean time it is a quick way to find holes
<antocuni> +1
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<cfbolz> mattip: the special method shortcut seems to behave correctly, tomorrow I'll see whether it helps
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