cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | Matti: I made a bit of progress, the tests now only segfault towards the end
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<komasa> cfbolz: At some point in the library code it involves Sets, at some point probably dicts
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<mattip> when I try to run
<mattip> pypy2 -A --python=pypy3.8 pypy/module/cpyext/test/
<mattip> on py3.8, all the tests are skipped with
<mattip> pypy/tool/pytest/ cannot runappdirect test:
<mattip> space needs objspace.disable_entrypoints_in_cffi = True, while pypy-c was built with None
<mattip> they run find with
<mattip> python2 -A --python=pypy3.8 pypy/module/cpyext/test/
<mattip> strangely, the macOS buildbot does run the tests using pypy2
<cfbolz> mattip: wasn't that what matt was saying he plans to do on pypy-dev?
<komasa> cfbolz: Managed to also trigger my bug with CPython, though the output still differs somewhat. Somehow CPython gets 2 out of the 4 objects correct still.
<komasa> So this is most likely _not_ a pypy bug, and just some code relying on something that shouldn't be relied upon
<mattip> cfbolz: right, the buildbot is fine. The top of the rabbit hole is the CI failure with pypy3.8 + macOS + cython
<cfbolz> komasa: yes, some pypy rejiggling might make the bug more likely
<mattip> so I started looking at running the cpyext tests around unicode, which is what is failing,
<mattip> and then tried to run some tests, and then came up against the phenomenon that -A fails locally but passes on the buildbot
<cfbolz> mattip: right
<cfbolz> do the cpyext tests work on default on pypy2?
<mattip> yes, pypy2 -A pypy/module/cpyext/test/ runs the tests without skipping them
<komasa> I think I found the bug. The library was using a WeakValueDictionary deep inside the code
<cfbolz> ah :-(
<komasa> Though the code around this was specifically for some caching stuff, that explicitly says that if an object of some hash exists already, the cached one will be returned.
<LarstiQ> the key here might be, when exactly does it exist?
<komasa> Oh, that I know
<komasa> At this point this is an oversight in the library that I think I fully understand
<komasa> My other test cases where already running certain code that created objects that had the same hash
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<ronan> mattip: I fixed it with 64de87cccf29 though I wish the differences between py2 and py3 were clearer in the code
<mattip> ronan: thanks
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