cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | Matti: I made a bit of progress, the tests now only segfault towards the end
* LarstiQ tries to come up with a joke about uniform convergence re caching
<cfbolz> seems merging it didn't even break anything
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<mattip> sphinx is down from ~150 to ~134, over 10%
<mattip> over the past month
<cfbolz> excellent :-)
<cfbolz> mattip: now we only need 11 more such branches ;-)
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<cfbolz> mattip: hm, I wonder whether I did something wrong when merging the 'MSVC has a copysign' changes to 3.8
<cfbolz> because looking at your 3.9 merge commit, no change to PC/ was made
<cfbolz> arigato: gentle ping?
<cfbolz> I was thinking about the following: we have type erasure in the rtyper, meaning we don't make arbitrarily many variants of GcArrays for fixed-sized lists. however, we still have variants for lists of strings, lists of instances, lists of lists, etc
<cfbolz> including copies of all the ll functions
<cfbolz> wouldn't it be better nowadays to erase most of these to GcArrays of GCREFs?
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<cfbolz> mattip: thanks matti, sorry for messing that up
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<cfbolz> arigato: ok, one answer seems to be "refcounting doesn't like that"
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