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<njs> anyone have any guesses about why calling gc.collect() repeatedly could fail to collect an unreachable object, BUT ONLY if running with coverage enabled?
<njs> oh gods, is this another interaction between tracing and fast locals? I'm doing 'del e; print(locals())' and with coverage enabled, the print shows 'e' as still present
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<cfbolz> njs: hey :-)
<cfbolz> in pypy or in cpython?
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<mattip> we should really upgrade our coverage support since the first place many library developers meet PyPy is when running CI, and many of them turn on coverage by default
<mattip> so they get a bad impression about pypy from the very first CI run
<mattip> slow, buggy, ...
<mattip> cfbolz: there are a couple of at_exit tests failing in test_threading
<mattip> maybe connected to both njs's report and the compileall problem?
<mattip> on py3.9, which is probably not what njs is testing, but maybe the test fails similarly on older versions...
<cfbolz> mattip: right
<cfbolz> (I'll probably get to it on Monday only)
<mattip> no problem
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<njs> cfbolz: on pypy, specifically the latest 3.8 release, but based on CI results I suspect the same thing happens on {3.7, 3.8} {release, nightly}
<cfbolz> njs: ok, link?
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<Cheery> I'm implementing constraint handling rules into my makeshift ukanren implementation.
<Cheery> I don't know if I get it because it's difficult.
<Cheery> incredibly simple idea, but complicated to implement. There's operational semantics paper that seem like it helps though. :)
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<mattip> there is also a test_subprocess test failing on py3.7 and up
<mattip> about signals
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<njs> after the 'del e' on line 720, if you add a 'print(locals())' then 'e' is still present, iff running on pypy under coverage
<njs> I suspect it has to do somehow with the call to `await force_receive_loop_to_start()` capturing 'e' in a cell, even though that frame is dead and gone before the 'del e'
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<mattip> we never implemented posix_spawn for py3.8
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<Cheery> all right.. I need to read the paper carefully so that I didn't miss anything, but otherwise I have my first constraint handling rule engine.
<Cheery> code or it didn't happen
<Corbin> CHR! Good times.
<cfbolz> njs: thank you
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<Cheery> ok. immediately few bugs and issues I didn't notice.
<Cheery> I'll add the rest of the rules tmr. and see how it works in practice.
<Cheery> Also going to finish reading the paper to see if I missed anything important.
<Cheery> I don't have propagation history for instance, but not sure what that is exactly.
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