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<Corbin> It took a couple hours, but I figured out how to set up the pipes for a bidirectional subprocess:
<krono> neat
<krono> maybe this can go into rlib as a convenience method?
<Corbin> Possibly. This codebase is AGPL but I'm happy to make an exception so that this particular module can be copied. It's not a lot of code, but it took a lot of man pages.
<krono> jep
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<ctismer> cfbolz: is mattip in holiday?
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<ctismer> cfbolz: from the Python 3.9 docs:
<ctismer> The PyEval_InitThreads() and PyEval_ThreadsInitialized() functions are now deprecated and will be removed in Python 3.11. Calling PyEval_InitThreads() now does nothing. The GIL is initialized by Py_Initialize() since Python 3.7. (Contributed by Victor Stinner in bpo-39877.)
<ctismer> So this needs already to be fixed for the PyPython 3.9 version I guess?
<ctismer> cfbolz: as I understand it, `Py_Initialize` is currently explicitly not supported because it is (thought as) for embedding?
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<cfbolz> ctismer: yes, I think so
<ctismer> cfbolz: So that situation is a little weird: Python 3.11 removes PyEval_InitThreads, which PyPy needs (also in Py3.9!) and replaces it by Py_Initialize, which PyPy does not support. 🤨
<cfbolz> yes, but I think the solution is to make pypy stop needing PyEval_InitThreads
<cfbolz> because the official solution is to make PyGILState_Ensure work
<ctismer> cfbolz: Ok, I just would like to know if I can put an #ifdef for version <= 7.3.8, or if that is not reliable. I now did a general #ifdef on PYPY_VERSION.
<cfbolz> ctismer: I don't think I can answer this question this exact minute ;-)
<ctismer> ok, nebbich ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<cfbolz> ctismer: so I think you pick either of the two #ifdefs to make it work for now
<cfbolz> and then in the worst case you need to adapt :-(
<ctismer> 🖖
<ctismer> The general #ifdef this is more reliable because I can forget about the problem until I see an undefined symbol crash.
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<Joannah> Is it only me, or the pypy repository on heptapod is not resolving i.e
<cfbolz> yes, seems down maybe?
<nimaje> I get 502 Whoops, Heptapod is taking too much time to respond.
<Joannah> I think so
<cfbolz> marmoute: any idea?
<Joannah> Me too, 502
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<cfbolz> seems is also 502
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<marmoute> cfbolz: that's the upgrade. (as announced by the banner)
<cfbolz> marmoute: ah, thanks. The 502 page didn't have the banner ;-)
<Joannah> Seems back up now
<marmoute> cfbolz: yep. That's something Clever-Cloud/Georges will eventually smooth out, but surprisingly Gitlab has no integrated suppport for a "we are upgrading page"
<marmoute> And upgrade are quick but frequent
<cfbolz> marmoute: cool, thanks for all your work!
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<ctismer> cfbolz: Another request from our devs: can `PyImport_ExecCodeModule()` please be changed from `char *` to `const char *`? We get complaints in Linux. Python has this since Python 3.6 at least.
<ctismer> (or fixed that in maintenance updates...)
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<cfbolz> ctismer: that one is much simpler, I am on it
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<cfbolz> ctismer: pushed that change
<cfbolz> (at least to the 3.8 branch, 3.9 coming at the next merge)
<ctismer> cfbolz: Thank you! (They said there is more, but I’ll wait until they complain concretely.
<cfbolz> ctismer: those are easy to fix, just give me a list
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