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<arigato> fijal: any progress with write_protect()? if needed, here's a way that should work: write a function in C that calls write_protect(0), then copies actual memory with a call to memcpy(), then calls write_protect(1). Use that function from all the places in RPython to copy data into MAP_JIT memory
<arigato> it should work however indirectly it's called, because it's atomic
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<fijal> arigato: I got stuck with immigration admin (and took yesterday off) so I think I'll restart tomorrow/friday to look into that
<fijal> but I think step 1 is to understand as to *why* using ffi_closure_alloc works from C but crashes from a freshly compiled pypy-c over cffi
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<fijal> arigato: right, I had some questions, in CDataCallback in _cffi_backend/, what is the point of with self as ptr:
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<arigato> fijal: look at __enter__, in the parent class I think
<arigato> if I remember correctly, the point is to make sure self.__del__() is not called before the __exit__
<arigato> otherwise, it would be possible that __del__ frees the pointer while it's still being used
<fijal> ok I see
<fijal> bleh immigration paperwork sucks
<Hodgestar> It does. Trying to get official documents out of bureaucracies also sucks.
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<fijal> Hodgestar: see my whatsapp, speaking of which
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<Hodgestar> Will look in a bit -- just hopping through some other things.
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<cfbolz> mattip: iirc you looked into the tests on pypy3 recently, right? what was the status?
<cfbolz> I need to add some for the utf8-mode
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<mattip> cfbolz: yeah, app_main tests work by actually running the tests with python3 to check the option parsing
<mattip> so they set up a call to pexpect with "python3 <options>" and check that the options are parsed properly
<cfbolz> mattip: right, but that works now, yes?
<mattip> as long as get_python3() works, so it can find the correct python3 to run the tests with
<mattip> also see my latest commit :)
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<cfbolz> mattip: we have a few too many places with the version numbers
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<mattip> right. I had contemplated refactoring into a top-level, which would then be consumed by cpyext/ sys/, and all the rest
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<mattip> to avoid the from pypy.module.sys.version import CPYTHON_VERSION in various places
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<cfbolz> mattip: or we add more such imports ;-)
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