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<fijal> mattip: mail richard? or whoever is handling that
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<fijal> server
<fijal> client
<fijal> cfbolz: ok, so the "allocating the buffer not in a loop" is the biggest thing here
<fijal> it's probably worth asking though why this is 40x faster than a urllib client request though
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<fijal> ok, I don't get it, ssl just broke on baroquesoftware
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<cfbolz> fijal: the difference in speed comes from line 39?
<fijal> yes
<cfbolz> fijal: that's a great benchmark, I'd say (didn't run it yet, but will in a bit)
<fijal> its a bit of a mess to set up
<fijal> and maybe exception catching is bad (but also fuck, why is this so hard)
<cfbolz> fijal: what's a bit annoying is that without warmup cpython is significantly faster
<cfbolz> on my laptop commenting in line 39 is even a ~600x slowdown for cpython???!
<LarstiQ> handwaving something about `sendfile(2)`?
<cfbolz> no, something really weird is happening
<cfbolz> I mean, this pattern does really not look good:
<cfbolz> (sends requests in bunches of 100, sometimes it takes 0.001s, sometimes 3s)
<cfbolz> seems to correlate with the tls connection dropping
<fijal> i run more per loop
<fijal> but you need a localhost web server i think
<cfbolz> Right
<cfbolz> Later
<cfbolz> fijal: anyway, if the connection drops, the numbers are meaningless
<fijal> yeah
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<ctismer_> cfbolz: Hi! Was there something changed between PyPy3.7 and 3.8? I have problems building PySide
<ctismer_> cfbolz: (BTW.: although there are errors, there are so many examples running that we announce it, now :) )
<ctismer_> cfbolz: no, was just a setuptools glitch. Distutils was more `idempotent`.
<cfbolz> ctismer_: cool!
<cfbolz> Where are you announcing it btw?
<cfbolz> Do you think it's far enough that we should write a blog post about it?
<ctismer_> cfbolz: ATM only in our documentation pages, as new feature for PySide 6.3 (comes in a few weeks). I will tell the story and show what works and what not, how to install and so on. I also still have trouble installing scipy stuff.
<cfbolz> ctismer_: excellent, let's wait for the release then
<ctismer_> cfbolz: Yes, I think it is far enough. Did not realize that when desperately searching why certain signals do not work, but we got only 9 of 134 examples not working.
<ctismer_> cfbolz: One funny finding was `QPainter`. That object is often created without closing it, creating many errors in PyPy. Until I recognized that this should be a contest manager since many years 😂
<cfbolz> ctismer_: that sounds like progress
<ctismer_> cfbolz: context manager, that automatically calls painter.end()
<ctismer_> Yes. I'm waiting for the next version, so I can get certain extensions without building.
<ctismer_> (because scipy and sci-image drive me crazy and conda collides too (trying since days))
<cfbolz> That's beyond my pay grade 😂
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<mattip> the problem with getting pypy into scipy CI is that tests run very slow
<mattip> most of the code uses cython/pythran/pybind11
<mattip> and it is hard to convince them to release a wheel if they don't run the tests
<mattip> (justifyably)
<ctismer_> mattip: And with wheels it would work fine, but I need the nightly build until my changes are officially in.
<ctismer_> BTW., is it planned to have PyPy 3.9 in the release, or will it be 3.8, still?
<cfbolz> ctismer_: 3.8, plus 3.9 alpha
<ctismer_> cfbolz: ok, so I should stick with 3.8 for now.
<cfbolz> ctismer_: yep
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