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<fijal> mattip: I'll use your machine
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<mattip> fijal: let me know if I should hook it up as a buildbot machine
<fijal> mattip: not yet, but thank you
<LarstiQ> ech
<LarstiQ> Cheery: I meant, or some other primer
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<Cheery> LarstiQ: it's kind of a kludge, but without nested functions it's like that.
<Cheery> otherwise it's like it's in the paper.
<Cheery> the ukanren part.
<Cheery> well.. didn't bother with interleaving mplus because I mostly need the cons&eq
<Corbin> Cheery: Wow, good work. That internal bytecode looks like categorical combinators; fun times.
<Cheery> They are. This implements classical linear logic with these combinators.
<Cheery> I've wanted to try this out to see whether there's gains in this kind of setting.
<Corbin> Have you seen my recent language yet? It is a low-effort approach, but it also uses RPython and µKanren.
<Corbin> is the entire interpreter and JIT loops.
<Cheery> I recall I saw this.
<Cheery> I think I'll reuse ukanren terms as parse trees.
<Cheery> the combinators themselves implement intuitionistic linear logic, but it becomes classical linear logic if you add continuations.
<Corbin> The stacklet continuations take a lot of code. Are they worthwhile in terms of speed? I was going to just use RPython exceptions; it's what I'm comfortable using.
<Cheery> I haven't measured
<Cheery> oh yeah... figure out in middle of everything that your grammar is missing rules.
<Cheery> then your nice 100-line table explodes into 300 line tables.
<Cheery> time to enable lalr
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<cfbolz> Cheery: cool work
<Cheery> I just added a parser, but only now realised it's not exactly what I wanted. I still have to adjust the tables.
<Cheery> it's close enough so I guess I continue and change it later.
<Cheery> just means that instead of "split () ()", I have to write split (id) (id)
<Cheery> cfbolz: thanks.
<Cheery> after I got the parser, I can add modules and then I can give it commands to run. I just wonder what I'd begin with.
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