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<tumbleweed> ah, got it
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<cfbolz> I pushed some old code (unipycation branch) into the main repo. it used to live on a gone fork on bitbucket and someone was asking for it
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<Cheery> after a long while I tried something with continuations and I'm getting this error.
<Cheery> rvmprof.c: In function ‘IS_VMPROF_EVAL’:
<Cheery> rvmprof.c:30:19: error: ‘__vmprof_eval_vmprof’ undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean ‘vmprof_stack_pop’?
<Cheery> I copied the use from my previous project. It's about 254 lines of code so I can paste it.
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<Cheery> using pypy3.8-v7.3.7-src to try it.
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<Cheery> yup. continuations started working when I added handler for rvmprof
<Cheery> With a simpler scheduler of some sort, this works. Linear continuations in linear abstract machine.
<LarstiQ> Cheery: nice to see you again!
<Cheery> LarstiQ: thanks, and same. irc channel mess-up means I have bit of catching up to do.
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<Cheery> Did rpython have some way to annotate that I have [[this type]].
<fijal> Cheery: there is stuff in rpython/rlib/
<fijal> look for @signature for use cases
<Cheery> so it works in conjunction with types -module
<fijal> not the official types module, our own types module
<Cheery> Now it got continuations and therefore I have small calculus based on classical linear logic.
<Cheery> missing a type checker and ways to interface from the language.
<Cheery> partially I'm missing some ideas.
<Cheery> on type checker I introduce microkanren implementation around types. It's just easier to typecheck things that way.
<Corbin> I wonder if µKanren could be implemented as an RPython library. I, too, have a µKanren typechecker, currently in CHICKEN Scheme. It's very clean and simple, but also must live as a separate binary from my RPython executable, which is not great.
<Cheery> I'll try to implement it as a rpython library, because it'd be troublesome to implement in this language, when lacking the type checker.
<Cheery> the another part is a puzzle. Now I have this neat way to structure interaction between programs.
<Cheery> but all existing interaction is mostly non-structured and strewn across libraries.
<Cheery> with an access to C-FFI it gets even more interesting.
<Cheery> now I got an ukanren impl. Next I need the checker.
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<mattip> tumbleweed: thanks - looks good. I am merging the branch
<mattip> both OpenSSL3.0.1 and OpenSSL1.1.1 pass tests
<mattip> at least on x86_64
<tumbleweed> yeah, for me too
<tumbleweed> thanks for that
<mattip> it should make future changes easier
<mattip> 7.3.8 release notes are up,
<mattip> comments, corrections are welcome
<mattip> I kicked off a release build for default, let's see if it works
<mattip> fijal: is there anything I can do to help with M1 building?
<Cheery> anybody wants to see the ukanren implementation in RPython?
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