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<mattip> ctismer: I could not access
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<ctismer> mattip: yes, for some reason, the branch is gone. Will try again, maybe that‘s not legal?
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<mattip> Do you need a place to upload binaries? Would dropbox/onedrive/google drive work?
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<ctismer> Yes, probably. Didn‘t use such a thing for years
<mgorny> ctismer: i've seen a variety of projects do stuff like that, and i don't think gh ever intervened
<mgorny> ctismer: that said, it'd probably be cleaner to convert tag into a release, and attach files there
<ctismer> mattip: now it exists, again:
<ctismer> mattip: please try downloading early, everything else has time 😀
<ctismer> mattip: I logged out from github and did a local clone. Worked great. But I was logged locally into my git account.
<ctismer> mattip: Please give me early feedback that you got the wheels.
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<mattip> I see 3 wheels for pypy37_pp73-macosx_10_14_x86_64
<ctismer> mattip: yes. You should install them in one go
<ctismer> mattip: PySide6-6.0.0a1-6.2.2-pp37-pypy37_pp73-macosx_10_14_x86_64.whl shiboken6_generator-6.0.0a1-6.2.2-pp37-pypy37_pp73-macosx_10_14_x86_64.whl shiboken6-6.0.0a1-6.2.2-pp37-pypy37_pp73-macosx_10_14_x86_64.whl
<mattip> I can install the shiboken and PySide6 wheels
<mattip> when I run "pypy3 test" I get
<mattip> "history out of range"
<ctismer> mattip: ah yes, the history is used for finding out the last build setup.
<ctismer> mattip: I added an entry for the build history that should work.
<ctismer> mattip: Move the added entry from tempdist up into the build_history folder. Then testing works.
<ctismer> mattip: `mv tempdist/2021-12-26_161430/ build_history/`
<mattip> ctismer: RuntimeError: Cannot find any of the build system files Makefile,
<ctismer> mattip: what, for testing?
<ctismer> mattip: yes, I see
<ctismer> mattip: they have changed a lot which I was not aware of...
<ctismer> mattip: Hmm, sorry. I must copy the whole build folder as it seems, which is too much.
<ctismer> mattip: Either I find a way, tomorrow, or you need to do your own build.
<mattip> ok
<mattip> I won't be able to do that in the near future
<mattip> it seems getting qt development libraries to build from source requires signing up for QT?
<ctismer> mattip: I‘m not sure if a development version is needed. On macOS, I simply installed the homebrew QT version (well, which contains some builtin agreement)
<mattip> Ahh, I found the conda-forge recipe with a download link
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<ctismer> I think you need to download the current 6.2 version from
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