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<LarstiQ> `refs = gc.get_referrers(old)` seems to be the slow bit
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<arkanoid> hello! I'm trying pypy again after a looong time, when numpy and pandas were not compatible. I've downloaded pypy from official page binary release, I've created a virtualenv for it and I've executed a pip install for my dependencies. It's taking a very long time!
<arkanoid> on pandas and numpy in particular, it took more than 5 mins to get over it
<arkanoid> I see it's spending time on compiling stuff
<arkanoid> is there a way to handle this in a binary distribution fashion and recompile only what is necessary to be recompiled?
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<LarstiQ> arkanoid: like mattip said in e.g. there are wheels (for some things)
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<LarstiQ> mostly that is about convincing the upstreams of your dependencies to provide pypy wheels
<arkanoid> I've found my show stopper: pyarrow is not compatible with pypy
<LarstiQ> arkanoid: what breaks?
<arkanoid> well, it's official (abandoned)
<LarstiQ> might it have improved since May?
<arkanoid> I've just installed latest pypy from official website and I can replicate the problem by just "pip install pyarrow"
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<mattip> the wheels there are for pyarrow-0.15.0a0-pp36, but the methodology should work for building your own pypy3.7/pypy3.8 wheels
<arkanoid> mattip: I've tried downloading the wheel there, but I'm getting ERROR: pyarrow-0.15.0a0-pp36-pypy36_pp73-linux_x86_64.whl is not a supported wheel on this platform.
<arkanoid> I'm on x86_64
<arkanoid> maybe I can try editing this dockerfile and try build for 3.8
<mattip> maybe?
<arkanoid> I give up, too many difficulties
<arkanoid> have to drop pypy for now, maybe I can optimize just a portion of code with numba?
<mattip> to be honest, if your workflow uses pandas/pyarrow/other c-extension libraries, you are likely to see poor performance under pypy
<arkanoid> mattip: no, what I need to optimize is networkx, that is pure python
<arkanoid> but I need it into the usual scientific stack + streamlit, that streamlit wants pyarrow
<mattip> we used to have a way to open a cpython process and a pypy process and have them hand off objects to eachother
<mattip> but I don't know if anyone used it in earnest
<Corbin> arkanoid: What's your actual speed target or performance goals? You could estimate that there's maybe a 20x speedup from moving away from "the usual scientific stack" and using array.array with PyPy directly. If that's worth it, then maybe ditch Numpy entirely?
<Corbin> I asked Nix to build `pypy3.withPackages (ps: [ ps.pyarrow ])` and it asked me to manually mark several packages as unbroken on PyPy. The current blocking broken package is XlsxWriter, but I'm sure that there are others in the way.
<arkanoid> I'm ok with numpy speed with cpython too, the slow guy in the room is networkx algorithms
<arkanoid> I run algorithms on large graphs and it takes quite some time, and I feels there's room for optimization there
<Corbin> mattip's microservice suggestion might be a good idea. I've had situations where the graph algorithms need to live in their own process.
<arkanoid> sure I could rpc and all the things, but if I have to do that I'd switch to a C based graph lib
<arkanoid> well, also numba fails to optimize lib call in both nopython and object modes
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<mattip> arkanoid: can you somehow benchmark pypy performance for your slow networkx code
<mattip> by serializing the inputs to the functions and comparing runs of cpython to pypy
<mattip> to make sure this is worth the effort
<mattip> if pypy is not significantly faster, we would definitely want to know
<cfbolz> (so far our experiments with networkx were always quite positive
<mattip> ahh, cool
<cfbolz> pfff, this jit bug is annoying
<LarstiQ> cfbolz: which one?
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<LarstiQ> "something bad is happening" :)
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<krono> In RPython code, there's no practical difference between 1 << n and 2**n right?
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