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<cfbolz> mattip: test_enumerate and test_range now crash it seems
<mattip> fixing
<mattip> thanks
<cfbolz> test_ztranslation in posix is on me I think
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<fijal> hm, do we have any ideas whether we like c99 or not?
<fijal> I can probably make us emit c99 code, not sure if that's the part of m1 work or not, but if we do that, I would do so
<mattip> MSVC is the problematic child, it supports most of c99 but not all
<mattip> we have definitely moved past vs2008, now we are using vs2019
<fijal> we don't need to emit ALL c99
<fijal> current problem is implicit declaration of functions (we really should not do that)
<cfbolz> fijal: ugh, yes, that should just be fixed
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<rouilj2> Hello. I am one of the developers of the Roundup Issue Tracker. Its written in Python and I thought I'd try it under PyPy. However a third party library it needs uses the symtable module. 'import symtable' fails with "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named '_symtable'". This is with PyPy Python 3.7.12 (44db26267d0a, Oct 24 2021, 14:21:50) [PyPy 7.3.7 with GCC 7.3.1 20180303 (Red Hat 7.3.1-5)]. Any idea how I fix this or is it unfixabl
<cfbolz> rouilj2: hi!
<cfbolz> rouilj2: which library is that, out of curiosity?
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<rouilj2> it's an older version of zope.
<rouilj2> modified.
<cfbolz> rouilj2: ok
<cfbolz> rouilj2: open an issue. it's possible to implement this module, I suppose
<rouilj2> to be exact. You can embed python code in templates. The library hands the python code off to the python interpreter for evaluation then pulls the results back via symtable it looks like.
<rouilj2> Will do.
<cfbolz> rouilj2: cool :-)
<krono> fijal: I personally think c99 is a more sane set of C rules. There are some funky ones, but nobody needs to use them
<krono> It seems that, apart from complex.h and special strfmt stuff, recent VS versions are quite ok with C99
<krono> (library, that is)
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<Guest96> I did not expect to wander into this channel and find zope tales expressions being discussed :)
<Guest96> much surprises :)
<cfbolz> Guest96: if you know how to write a small example using this stuff, please do so:
<cfbolz> would be cool to have something smaller to test it with than all of roundup
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<Guest96> cfbolz sorry I am not a real programmer, more of a devloloper :) I can write basic zpt, but not tales
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