cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | hacking on TLS is fun, way more fun than arguing over petty shit, turns out
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<LarstiQ> snow! snow!
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<cfbolz> :-)
<cfbolz> LarstiQ: awesome, where?
<LarstiQ> cfbolz: Espoo, Southern Finland
<cfbolz> sounds much better than the terrible gray here
<cfbolz> I just merged the PEG parser to the py3.9!
<cfbolz> branch
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<mattip> congrats
<mattip> What is the goal with the parsing on default? Is it a cleanup or an enhancement?
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<LarstiQ> cfbolz: it melted now unfortunately, but for ~1.5 hours there was a nice white dusting on the yard and roads
<LarstiQ> PEG parser \o/
<cfbolz> mattip: I don't know yet, our parser does a lot of dictionary lookups for every token, we can probably stop doing that rather easily
<cfbolz> both on default and 3.x
<cfbolz> basically I think we should focus on startup and warmup a bit, for two reasons: 1) 3.11 will improve so our slow interpreter will be even more of a problem and 2) people running tests on pypy are complaining (including myself, I'm trying to stop using CPython2)
<fijal> is parser in any way related to warmup?
<fijal> don't you mosltly run out of pyc files anyway?
<cfbolz> fijal: eg in pypy no
<cfbolz> because we generate lots of code
<fijal> ok
<cfbolz> I am going strictly from profiles ;-)
<cfbolz> I also found a big marshal performance bug
<cfbolz> unfortunately fixing it triggers a scary jit bug
<fijal> haha
<cfbolz> mattip: I think another answer is "it's my idea of fun" ;-)
<mattip> that is always the best reason
<cfbolz> mattip: the peg parser fixed a number of annoying failing lib-python tests already, btw
<mattip> whohoo!
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* arigo ...learns to read the full history before replying
<arigo> mjacob: "a raw memory-backed version of bytearray" --- do you mean"char[]", n)?
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<LarstiQ> mattip: heh, it seems we're playing around with `node-gitlab-2-github` at the same time
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<mattip> LarstiQ: :)
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