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<mattip> fijal: would it make any sense to approach the _ssl buffer problem from another direction
<mattip> and rewrite parts of it in C, or at least allocate the buffer as a C array
<mattip> I guess not, since you don't control the "b" in "sendall(b)"
<cfbolz> mattip: indeed, the b comes from the user usually
<fijal> mattip: I think it kinda defeats the point of cffi
<fijal> in a way
<fijal> but we can try that, to some extent
<fijal> anyway, me and armin got sucked into strange expired certificates
<fijal> (for VR Sketch)
<fijal> well ok, so generally "fuck you"?
<fijal> like, if I can't update the client code, then it's just not going to work
<fijal> nice
<LarstiQ> I'm not sure if that is it, but since this was a recent issue I thought it might be relevant
<mattip> yeah, you have to move to OpenSSL 1.1.0 or greater, so good luck with ubuntu 16.04 or python2, pypy2
<fijal> LarstiQ: this is pretty horrendous
<LarstiQ> fijal: well, also CA certs expire, there isn't really a way around that?
<fijal> they should get a new one no?
<fijal> the point is that they are relying on their self-signed cert that was introduced to a lot of software
<fijal> that's a bit dodgy, IMO
<nimaje> well a root cert expired and some software wasn't prepared for that (and as I understand that article their recommond setup is to send two chains one with the expired root cert and a second with a valid root cert for compatibility with some android versions as they keep trusting that root cert for some reason and don't trust the new root cert, but that doesn't works with openssl 1.0.* as it sees the
<nimaje> first invalid chain and just fails instead of looking at the second chain, which would be valid)
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<Dejan> fijal, every root CA is self-signed, right?
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<tumbleweed> looks like there's some bug in the VFP detection on 32bit ARM in pypy3.7 7.3.6rc2
* tumbleweed digs into it
<tumbleweed> and some weird stack overflow building pypy2.7 on ppc64 (big endian):
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<agronholm> mattip: the latest py2 image on Docker hub at least works with the new LE certs; I had to update a legacy app today because of that issue
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<tumbleweed> ah, that vfp detection issue is a red-herring, the issue I'm seeing is due to calling the JIT's detect_cpu in get_multiarch()
<tumbleweed> it broke on *all* the non-JIT architectures
<tumbleweed> and the multiarch values returned aren't correct anyway...
<tumbleweed> on i386 I get sys.implementation._multiarch -> x86-linux-gnu, it should be i386-linux-gnu
<tumbleweed> mattip: can you elaborate on the thinking behind 5f72d59b9aa1 ? Because that would return the correct values (for my use-case at last)