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<mattip> directive0: (for the logs) the problem with a 32-bit arm build is that building from source requires more than 4GB
<mattip> and cross-translation is quite tricky
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<mattip> I added `--durations` to the extra_tests run, which takes 10 minutes on x86_64 and 59 on windows
<mattip> the list of times is at the bottom of the stdio listing, here is the linux x86_64 one
<mattip> and the windows one
<mattip> the slowest two tests on windows are over 100 seconds, are much much faster on linux
<mattip> cffi_tests/cffi1/
<mattip> hpy_tests/_vendored/[debug]
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<fijal> mattip, cfbolz: any thoughts on adding that would work only on a very limited number of objects
<cfbolz> fijal: you mean exposed to applevel?
<fijal> yeah
<cfbolz> fijal: probably better to have a context manager?
<fijal> I think you eventually want a context manager, sure
<cfbolz> fijal: anyway, I'd expose them as _pin and _unpin
<fijal> but I'm not sure I want to write one in RPython
<fijal> yeah, for sure
<fijal> this is incredibly experimental, I believe
<mattip> the arm64 buildbot process hung due to a lack of disk space, I cleaned it up and restarted it
<mattip> but there is a 12 hour backlog of builds, so rc2 will only be ready tomorrow
<mattip> assuming it doesn't hang again
<mattip> also heptapod is down, I think they are updating, which happenned just as the windows buildbot tried accessing it
<mattip> killing the windows stack of builds
<mattip> ok, heptapod is back, I can restart the builds that died
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<danchr_> the packaging for the 3.8 looks improved, but still puts lib_pypy directly in $prefix?
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<mattip> that should be changed for the rc2 which I am trying to get out tomorrow
<mattip> the buildbot just finished pypy-c-jit-103355-28b8e9d917f1-osx64.tar.bz2 two minutes ago
<danchr> ah yes, that's better, although libpypy is still in $prefix/bin?
<mattip> hmm. That will require some RPATH magic to move into $ORIGIN/../lib, I don't know if I am up to doing that for rc2
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<tumbleweed> mattip: pypy/doc/conf thinks we're at 7.3.7 already (py3.7 branch)