cfbolz changed the topic of #pypy to: #pypy PyPy, the flexible snake | IRC logs: and | hacking on TLS is fun, way more fun than arguing over petty shit, turns out
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<mgorny> mattip: i think my patch is good enough to fix venv for the time being
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<ctismer> mattip: "match CPython on py3.8" 😲 and I was just ready adapting our stuff to PyPy 😆 but maybe that part is simply no longer needed after that change
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<mattip> ctismer: what needed changing? distutils/sysconfig should provide the corret laths for installations
<mattip> the untranslated _hpy_universal tests are timing out on aarch64 and windows
<mattip> is there a way to set the pytest timeout from the file?
<ctismer> mattip: We needed quite different stuff for building PySide with PyPy. Here an excerpt from it:
<ctismer> mattip: the last paragrahp is PyPy's
<mattip> that would be os.path.join(sysconfig.get_config_var['LIBDIR'], sysconfig.get_config_var['LDLIBRARY'])
<mattip> cfbolz: CPython has _Py_Offer_Suggestions() to give a nicer error message for typos
<mattip> like "def f(): abc = 1; ab" will add "Did you mean: abc"
<mattip> new for python3.8
<mattip> it is implemented in Python/suggestions.c
<mattip> and uses a levenshtein_distance
<ctismer> mattip: ok, yes we are moving to sysconfig, this was still old stuff :)
<ctismer> thanks!
<mattip> :)
<mattip> if there are more places you are special casing PyPy because of layout, let me know
<cfbolz> mattip: we have the suggestion stuff
<cfbolz> It's in pure python, I patched the stdlib module
<mattip> hmm. We are missing something then
<mattip> in on py3.8
<cfbolz> :-(
<cfbolz> Either I didn't merge the branch or it got lost at some point
<cfbolz> I'm away for the weekend, can check it out afterwards
<mattip> ahh, it migtht have gotten wiped when I updated stdlib
<mattip> thanks, fixed
<cfbolz> Thank you :-)
<cfbolz> mattip: it's completely strange in my opinion that cpython didn't keep the C traceback code and in sync, but what can you do
<mattip> ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
<mattip> I guess we could make a PR
* mattip fighting pip/pkg_resources
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<mattip> mgorny: thanks for the PR to fix virtualenv
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