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<tankf33der> Morning all
<tankf33der> abu[7]: ping
<tankf33der> Do you have example of complex call call? With >/dev/null and variable parametr?
<tankf33der> Playing
<abu[7]> Hi tankf33der! I think you need "sh" e.g.: (call "sh" "-c" (pack "foo " Arg " >/dev/null"))
<tankf33der> Issue solved. I will play on work, now in trolleybus
<abu[7]> 👍
<tankf33der> yes, works.
<abu[7]> ☺
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<tankf33der> another thing
<tankf33der> i run simple command(s) in bash script: time pijul record -am.
<tankf33der> it shows 0.001 sec
<tankf33der> at the same time when i run this in pil21:
<tankf33der> (bench (call 'pijul 'record '-am.))
<tankf33der> it shows always 3 or 4 seconds
<tankf33der> much slower somehow.
<abu[7]> Strange
<abu[7]> Should indeed be roughly the same
<tankf33der> yeap
<tankf33der> now shell 3-4 secs too, not pil21 ok
<abu[7]> hmm
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